10 Gift Ideas for Him, Her + Kids under $100(mostly)

I feel like I am a little late to the gift guide game, but I think I have some practical and fun gift ideas for the men, women and children in your life. Put on some Christmas music and enjoy doing a little shopping for your loved ones!

There are so many fun and creative gift ideas for men, but I realized over the years a lot of times those don’t get used. I really wanted to include gift ideas for men that are practical and something they will love. I think I’ve covered all the men in your life and most of them are under $100. Two are a little over, but I think our men are worth it!

1 – I picked up one of these for the hubby recently(and bonus I love it too), but these are so good to have. We had a larger one, but I much prefer this size both for looks as well as cleanliness. This one is also great for college students or someone in small spaces. AND BONUS, I found it for $75!! 

2 – These wallets are the best. They hold the perfect amount without being bulky. Think dad, hubby, son or brother in-law. They really are the best. Men don’t need to carry around all the extras, so this fits the necessities.

3 – We’ve bought this as a gift for many men in our lives and it is always a hit.I cheated a little as this one is $129, but it is well worth it. The quality is amazing and the receiver will love it, guaranteed! 

4 – At under $50 this is such a great gift for the techie or not so techie men in your life.

5 – These are a must for every man, I promise. I’ve bought my husband several pairs and he loves them. These are a little extra special, but it’s Christmas, so a little splurge is nice! 

6 – Any man that goes to an office, casual or dressy will love some fun socks. They make great conversation piece and they also just make them feel like they put a little more effort into their style. It’s a no brainer for the stylish or non-stylish men in your life. 

7 – So, I will admit, I was anti Yeti for the longest time, but they are so so good. They really do work all day long for hot or cold and are the best gift for someone you don’t know what to get but you also don’t want to spend a ton of money. They have a variety, so just grab the one you think they will use. I love how practical this is. 

8 – Another little cheat for me, but again so worth it. My husband has these and loves them. I’ve tried to buy him others, because for some reason he says he needs more than one pair but these are still his favorites. Perfect for the music lover or traveler in your life. 

9 – So, apparently this is the new must have(according to the hubby). This little stick allows you to stream media at home or on the go. Perfect for the movie and tv buff in your life and at $39.99, it’s the perfect deal!

10 – Last, but certainly not least is this cologne. So, I picked this up for the hubby recently and it is so yummy. I was walking through the mall and I couldn’t stop smelling this scent and I walked into every store nearby to ask and apparently they spray it in the walk way to draw people in. Well, it worked and I had to get it for him. It is so good, you both can enjoy it! 

It was so fun putting this list together for the ladies in your life, or yourself, because it is basically a list of all my must have favorites. Everything is something I personally love or have personally gifted to someone and have been a must have gift idea.

1 – It is no secret how much I love these lip balms, especially as a gift. They are so cute and the packaging is perfect for gifting. This is what I got the boys teachers last year for Christmas and this year on the first day of school. They are unique and luxurious, which makes the perfect gift for friends, family and anyone in your life you want to feel special.  My personal favorite is Lisa, I love everything rose. 

2 – So, I consider myself a robe connoisseur and this one is by far my favorite. I’ve talked about this robe a ton of times on IG lives, YouTube favorites and I am sure other places, because it is that good. It is the perfect weight for right after a shower, not too heavy but still keeps you covered. Who doesn’t love a good robe. This is literally the best gift for your bestie, mother-in-law, sisters, the list goes on. They will love it, I promise. 

3 – Just like for men, these are also a must for us ladies. I love these without the back as they are easier to slide on and run around the house as needed. These really are something special, that I think can be hard to buy throughout the year, but Christmas is time for giving and these make a special gift. 

 4 – I have been on the hunt for the perfect jewelry organizer and this one won. This makes the perfect personalized gift for all the ladies in your life. It’s so compact and cute, but perfect for travel or to keep in your handbags.

5 – Love this set for the skincare junkies in your life. This cream is so luxurious and who wouldn’t love the chance to try La Mer. It really is a special treat and such a great gift to give someone that can’t ever tried the brand. 

6 – I don’t think it is really Christmas without gifting at least one person in your life pj’s and this sleep shirt is literally the best of the best. They also have this set which is so amazing, but I have personally been loving shirts lately. 

7 – Out of all of the jewelry that I own, I think this is my absolute favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of my pieces, but this one just adds a special touch to my arm candy. I’ve also owned it for over two years and it still looks brand new. That tells me, this would make such a great gift for years to be enjoyed. It also comes in silver and rose gold, so find the color that works best for whomever you have in mind. They will love this piece, I guarantee it. 

8 – These sunnies have been a go-to for me this year and I think they would be great to give as a gift. There are so many fun colors and metal colors, that you are sure to find a pair for each of your friends and family member. I personally love the black fade the best, but the gold on gold are a staple too. 

9 – Speaking of skincare lovers, this is another great option. I recently bought this myself and have been using and loving it and at this price it makes the perfect gift for the ladies in your life. The packaging is fancy and it just feels special opening and using it. 

10 – I couldn’t have a gift guide without mentioning my Etsy shop! If you’re looking for teacher gifts, mom gifts or stocking stuffers. Check out my Etsy shop for Candles, Soaps and Room Sprays. I make everything myself and am personally a HUGE fan…lol!  Use code GIFT10 for 10% off until 12/25/17.

This list was by far my favorite to create. I love getting creative fun gifts for kids and I think this list is so perfect for kids of all ages and both girls and boys.

1 – One of the boys favorite things to do is read or be read to and I love this monthly book club for children’s books. You decide if you want to give monthly, 3 months, 6 months or more and you pick the age group. This is literally the gift that keeps on giving. 

2 – These are the best sunglasses ever created for kids. They have every color you can imagine and they are almost indestructible. However, if they do happen to get damaged or lost, they will replace them for you. They also have different sizes, ranging from newborn and up. We have a few pairs and they’ve been sat on, thrown, yanked and everything else and they are still going strong. Plus, what baby/child doesn’t look adorable in a pair of sunnies! 

3 – One of the first things we bought the boys was a personalized luggage and they love when we travel and they can use them. It makes them feel so special when they pull out their bags and each have their own things in them and with their names. These are perfect for the traveling family, plus you can personalize the color and size. 

4 – Speaking of adorable, these robes for kids are the cream of the crop. The boys got them a couple of years ago and they love them. They wear them around the house, or when they are playing super heros, so they are not only useful and cute, but they are fun! 

5 – I had to throw in these, since the boys will be getting them this year from Grandma. My nieces have and love these, so I wanted to get them of the boys too. I love that they can be used educationally as well as for fun, plus I found them for $69.99!!

6 – I love getting and giving blankets as gifts, but I especially love gifting personalized blankets as gifts. I try to stay away from baby blankets and go for something fun sized for kids, even babies. It gives them something to grow into and it just looks a little more special. I love these with the initial one them, plus the price is perfect for giving. 

7 – I don’t know what it is about kids and their names on things, but these stools are not only useful and cute, but sure to make any kid feel special every time they see their name on it. Bonus, they look cute in the powder room or by the kitchen sink so little ones can reach!

8 – Put some wellies on a baby and it is sure to make you smile. I mean, seriously, how cute is a child in a fun colored pair of rain boots. I especially love the yellow!

9 – Another year round gift option is this fun craft subscription. How fun would it be to work on a new project monthly as a family. Such a special gift to give the kids that the whole family can enjoy. You choose the length of time and age range to get the perfect monthly subscription.

10 – These sleeping bags are one of my boys favorite things. Their cousins also have them and love them. They are so much fun for sleep overs and even making play room forts. 

Whoo, that was a long one. I hope you enjoyed that. I really hope you found an idea or two or three for your loved ones this Christmas. Thank you for stopping by as always! XOXO

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  1. Hi Amanda, great gifts ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! I need to get myself that robe looks so comfy.
    Happy thanksgiving 🍁🍽🦃!!!

  2. This is a really great round up of gifts for everyone!! I am OBSESSED with my Yeti tumbler and think it would make a great gift!!