The $12 Tee + GIVEAWAY

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has officially open to the public and I’ve shared all the goodies that I’ve purchased so far.  Check it out here. If you get one thing, you must buy this $12 tee and comes in several colors. I love it so much I purchased it in several colors. I will probably grab a few more white before the sale ends to get me through the next year…lol! I am not joking actually! Make sure to enter the GIVEAWAY down below. Good luck!

Outfit Details

T-shirt– small | Jeans – 0 short | Sandals – Hermes – similar here and dupe here | Sunglasses | Earrings | Watch | Bracelet | Handbag

This is giveaway 3 of 4! The 2nd on is still open for a couple more days. If you haven’t entered, make sure to check that one out here. If you’re looking to shop the sale, you can shop it here.

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  1. I do the same thing with white tees! Hahahah, I just can never keep them looking as white and fresh as I’d like them too, so I’m constantly buying extras! My favorite are the Caslon ones!

  2. Love, love, love those t-shirts. I’m really loving that fuzzy pullover sweater and the costs that you got, too. So much great stuff!

  3. I started buying backups of my white tees since I just use them up. I like that your top is simple but still has somthing special with the stripes. Love your handbag, it’s the perfect colour and feel for your outfit. Thanks for a great post!

  4. U have fantastic figure ! It’s great to see u in such good shape. All your workout efforts are paying off 👍

  5. Can a girl ever have enough basic striped tees?? The addiction is REAL, I’m excited to check this one out in the sale!!

  6. I did order this T in white during early access. Now you convinced me to buy more colors. This sale has been great this year.

  7. Loved this post! The t-shirt is so cute and very affordable! Can’t wait to see your look book for your new pieces. ❤️

  8. I love finding cheap basics! I can’t ever justify buying “expensive” t-shirts since I tend to always get bored of those fast in comparison to a pair of jeans or shoes.

  9. I love the look of just a plain tee when transitioning from summer to fall! Super laid back but you can throw on a cardigan if it gets chilly.

  10. Ordered the ugg shoes cause i saw you try them on and loved them. I should’ve ordered the grey color in the BP button down shirt! Buuut I got the oatmeal. And girl, I feel you on the white tees, can never have enough!

  11. Girl I love your style. Everything you got from Nordstrom was soo nice. Thanks for doing a giveaway! It’s very sweet of you. Fingers crossed I win😄

  12. I was not able to get the $12 T-Shirt but did great others you mentioned. Thank you for the suggestions.

  13. All of these items look so great on you! I can’t wait until they restock the BP ribbed top, I love that! Ps. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  14. As usual Amanda, you are 100% on point with your picks, at least for my style 😉 Thanks for taking the time to shop for all of us!

  15. I miss the good old days when you could cruise around the store and just buy stuff…now you have to log on the their site and shop day 1 praying what you want doesn’t sell out.

  16. $12?!? That tee looks so comfy. Love the video you created, it’s laidback and was fun to watch. I love the content you’re creating

  17. This is such a great Sale going on, you did such an amazing job at picking up some great options and so versatile for styling up or down! Those Tees are right up my alley & im in need for a fun-save some money-retail therapy 😘

  18. I shopped the sale for the very first time. I’m si excited!! Thank you for showing us all the great stuff you picked.

  19. I looooove that top!!! I wish they had it in every color! Does it fit you kind of off the shoulders? Or does it stay up pretty well. The pictures on Nordstrom website make it look like it is so wide that it could almost fall off your shoulder. What do you think?

  20. “Amanda thank you so much again for this very generous giveaway…you’re just so sweet and beautiful and I feel blessed to call you friend”! Also girl you be rockin all the goodies you hauled, and i really enjoyed the video (I love a great haul), You have great taste too, by the way and i love all the nice tees and tops and you look great in it all! I guess I’ll stop blabbing..,just know you are very appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend Love and i will see you soon…Ly!!! XoXo 😉

  21. I love the vibes this blog gives. Showing us outfits and giving us details could really benefit different styles for different people. It’s so kind of you to do this giveaway as well! Thanks!!

  22. Loved the way you have styled the t-shirt very classy… especially that BAG😍😍😍 all the love from India

  23. I love your casual looks and how you glam it with luxury pieces. It turns a everyday “basic casual chic” look (is what I call it” to something more! It’s effortless and simple.

  24. You never disappoint Amanda so stylish! Love love all your outfits grl!! Get it always on trend and constantly innovating yourself!! Thanks for all the giveaways 😉

  25. I love the Nordstrom Lingerie ‘Moonlight’ Short Pajamas, Zella Live In High Waist Crop Leggings, and the Free People January Tee!

  26. Three cheers for public access! Going to try to get into the store today or tomorrow (hopefully there are still treasures) and will also probably place an order online. Can’t wait!

  27. Thanks for sharing your outfit love it I love your videos you give your viewers so many ideas on how to style different looks. I love watching your hauls as well always end up shopping for something you showed

  28. The shirt looks so comfortable! Now that you said it washes properly, I’m glad that I picked one up. I’m hoping I like it haha

  29. I love how you always make a simple outfit so stylish! & I can’t wait for you to do the video reveal of your Hermes purchases, which I think are your new sandals😊

  30. I love these T’s too, I bought the Halogen ones but they weren’t on during the sale but that’s ok because they are worth even not on sale. My fave of your haul is the Green Safari Jacket, looks amazing on you!

  31. Great staple.pieces in your haul! You also had items I havnt seen from others which is nice! You know have a great fall wardrobe😊

  32. I love following so many influencers and seeing what their picks are for the Nordstum sale, some many different things, and then some things that are a “common” them which you know…MUST be Good!! 🙂

  33. Love your posts for the sale. Definitely purchase more after reading your reviews. Have you washed the blanket before?

  34. That top looks so good on you! I love how you take basic pieces and style them in so many different ways

  35. Great suggestions for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. You look gorgeous! Thank you for the giveaway! God bless you!

  36. Absolutely love your fashion style, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to invest in at Nordstrom but our style is so similar and I enjoy your videos, thank you darling 😍😘

  37. Hi just watched your nordstrom haul video! Love everything you picked up but wanted to leave some feedback…

    I found it incredibly distracting when you keep turning side to side nonstop when showing us the items. I think it is great that you are showing us different angles but you move too quickly, try moving at a slower pace or just do front view for 20seconds then switch to a side view for 20seconds then a back view for 20seconds. I think that would be way more beneficial. Also it is hard to see what tops/sweaters/blouses look like when your hair covers the entire thing. You have gorgeous shiny hair but we want to see the clothes, i would suggest pinning your hair up in a bun or ponytail. Those are just my suggestions but I think it would really help your videos be even better (and make us less dizzy lol).

    Love your posts xoxox!


  38. I love a great tee for a great price. You can style it so many different ways! Thank you for sharing this one, I love the stripes!

  39. Love your blog!!! Its so aesthetically pleasing and fun to read! Those T shirts will be a life saver!!! Im already thinking of outfits 😍 thank you so much for letting us know! 🙂

  40. I love the fact that basic tee’s can be worn with anything. Dress up/down and comfy/casual. So many options!!

  41. Just when I think I can’t be any more impressed, you do it again. Thank you for modifying the text of the retweet yesterday. So often questions and comments are ignored. Kudos.

  42. I love all your items the blankets looks so soft and those leggings especially the moto ones are so cute!

  43. I love your picks! I couldn’t find the T shirt in white. Maybe they sold out, but they have it in black and I can never have too many nice black Tshirts.

  44. Thank you for sharing all of these great finds in the sale! You did a great job! I love all the pictures and the links are so helpful!

  45. I love the tee with the slightly longer sleeve, just a little too deep V for me or I’d have every color. ADORE the purse. 🙂

  46. I would love to win this. I could really use this to get a new pair of shoes for my daughter. Thanks for this chance.

  47. Just watched the video and I wanna say I understand the struggle to find jeans that are the right length as I’m also 5’2″. My go to ones are topshop jamie

  48. These are definitely the looks that I am into! love being comfortable and cute in what I am wearing!

  49. Thanks so much for this opportunity. I so enjoyed your video and left a novel over there to read so I will keep it short here. Thanks again.