$17 Basic Tee that you Need

I’ve been loving casual style lately(and this handbag) and I am always on the hunt for a good basic tee. This one is so good! I actually have it in black and white and plan on getting more. I love the raw hem on this one which makes it a little different, so it’s worth the buy. Plus, you can literally never have too many basic tees, I always buy multiples.

I’ve had a lot of people ask about these flip flops and my final thoughts. So, I will admit, style-wise I love them. Also, if you are just looking for something to throw on to run a quick errand, they are great. However, the metal logo does start to press into your foot after being in them for a while. I wouldn’t say it is so bad that I regret buying them, but they aren’t as comfortable as flip flops should be. If they weren’t so cute, I’d say they were a major no go, but the cutest makes up for the comfort a little.

Tee – small | Jeans – 2 short | Sandals – size up 1/2 | Sunglasses | Watch | Spike bracelet | Cable bracelet | Handbag

Today is the boys first back back to school from Spring Break and they are so excited to see their friends. Matthew said he would miss being home with the family, but he also missed his friends. He said he would think about me all day! Isn’t that the cutest!?!? Mason said he would draw me a picture…lol. He is obsessed with his teachers, which I love. I am a little obsessed with them too!

Okay, I will leave it at that. Y’all have a great week. I gotta get to it! XOXO

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