5 Summer Must Haves 2017

Summer is in full force here in Texas, and I wanted to show you 5 of my Summer must haves!

Seriously, give me ALL the slides. I just can’t get enough at the moment. Here are some I am loving.

1 – I love this leopard print. I might have to order these. I also love the cross detail, makes them a little special. 2These are so cute and affordable. They come in a couple of other colors as well. I was able to try these on and they are comfy. 3 – I am doing everything I can not to buy these in black. The pink is too cute, but I want the black ones. 4 – I love these, they are simple and classic and in this suede they are perfection. 5 – I have these in black already and love them. I will be ordering another color. I am thinking this blue color. You need these. I promise! You’re welcome! 6These are so nice. If you are looking for a slide that looks way more expensive than they are, get these. 7 – Speaking of way more expensive. I love these so much. They are pricey, but seriously luxurious. 8 – I love the red and blue on this slides. These are a great grab and go just like 5.


1 | 2 | 3| 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

It’s no secret that anything off the shoulder is on major trend right now, and I am a fan. I think that if you aren’t big on showing lots of skin, these tops or dresses give such a sexy vibe without feeling over exposed. Some are more comfortable than others, but all in all I love this look. I have picked up several dresses and tops this year. I also ordered #8, can’t wait to get it in. I love the colors. I’ve been obsessing over #5. I might have to grab that soon.

Nothing finishes off a summer look without a pair of sunnies. Here are some of my favorites and some on my wishlist. 1 – I love these, the color is perfection and since I don’t have anything like this, I might have to order them. I think they would be perfect with neutrals. 2 – I have and love these. I don’t wear them that often, but when I do I get a ton of compliments. 3 – My favorites sunnies, ever. These are by far my most used sunnies. I love them so much, they go with literally everything. 4 – You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic aviators. I’ve owned several pairs and always come back for more. 5 – I just bought these the other day. They are the lightest sunglasses I’ve ever worn. If you tend to get headaches because of the weight of sunnies, these will be perfect for you. I forget I am wearing them, they are so light. Oh, and they are grey, my fav color! 6 – I really want these sunnies. I love the dark tortoise color. They are different than anything I have in my collection, so I will be adding them to my wishlist for sure. 7These are a great alternative to #1, but with a mirrored lens. I can’t decide which I like best. I am leaning towards #1, but these are fun too. 8 – Last, but certainly not least. These are my current OBSESSION. I have ordered 3 pairs, yes THREE. I have the gold, silver w/ blue lens and the black gradient. They are so comfy and affordable. If you don’ have a pair of these in your life, order some STAT! You will not be disappointed.

You guys already know I have my favorite crossbody bags, but lately I’ve been eyeing some other bag options. I listed a couple of luxury brands, but lately I’ve been looking at contemporary brands. I have a secret, I may or may not have bought one of the bags on this list and I can’t wait to get it in the mail. 1 – I’ve had a few people ask my opinion on this bag, and I love it. I love that it is a classic style for the brand, and comes in classic as well as seasonal colors. The hardware looks pretty amazing. 2 – I had to list this bag as an option, because I love the color so much. If you are looking for a pop of red, this is it. It is the best shade of red I’ve seen in a handbag, ever. 3 – How can you not love the details on this bag. It also isn’t flashy or trendy. This will be a good classic bag to reach for year after year. 4 – This bag continues to catch my eye. It reminds me very much of the Hermes Evelyn, but obviously the price tag is much easier to digest. I love the soft leather and casual vibe. 5 – How perfect is this bag. It looks so expensive, but the price tag is doable. It comes in a few other colors and the hardware is luxurious. 6 – Another bag, that continues to catch my attention. It is a little on the smaller size, but big enough for grab and go. 7 – I just came across this bag online and I am obsessed with the suede and color. The strap details are perfection too! 8This couldn’t be anymore perfect for the weekend. I love the cloth straps. It also comes in a few other colors, but this one is my fav.

Another thing that changes for me in the summer is my beauty routine. These are my go to products that I love this time of year. 1 – I love a lighter foundation and I am wearing this daily lately. I am in the shade 300 and it works perfectly. The formula is so light and airy, so I highly recommend you check this out. 2 – If you aren’t using SPF daily, you should be, and this is my favorite. It is the perfect weight to not feel too heavy under makeup or alone. It leave a satin finish if worn alone, which is not the norm. You will love this stuff, I promise. 3 – The obsession is real with this oil. It is also so affordable. I just ordered 4, yes FOUR more bottles. I love it that much. This time of year, we can’t have those ashy knees, so get you some! 4 – This time of year brings out the oils, which brings out the breakouts(at least for me), so this is a must. I use this as the very last step of my night time routine and the next morning my breakouts are usually so much better. 5 – I tend to wear less makeup in the summer but I always add a little of this even on those “no-makeup” days. I put a little on the inner cover of my eyes, my eyebrow bone and my cupids bow. Works like a charm! 6 – If you are looking for a hair serum that won’t weigh down your hair this is a good one. It s very lightweight and a little goes a long way. One bottle will last you forever. 7 – I also tend to exfoliate a little more in the summer time, and I love this one. It is cheap and works so well. I add a little water to it to make it less harsh and works perfectly. 8 – My favorite facial mist. It smells yummy and give such a refreshing feeling. I’ve talked about this many times, so no surprise that I bring it up again. 9 – This blush is the perfect
“no-makeup” blush on days you want to add a little something over bare skin, but not look done up. Oh, and did I mention it is drugstore, so it’s cheap! Yes, you will love this stuff. It’s been a favorite for years, but I just recently fell in love again.

That was a long one, but hope you enjoyed all that. Now, I have a few orders I need to place. What about you?

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  1. Ha! I had just ordered one of those handbags. Think I own every one of your beauty picks. Enjoyed this post Amanda. Thanks.

  2. Great selection. Purchased a dress & just realized the perfect shoe to wear. A perfect black slide. I love those bags especially #s 1, 2 & 4(Evelyn looks for sure).