Casual Cozy Outfit + 10 White Elephant Gift Ideas

I told you, you would be seeing this beanie on major repeat and I am loving it with this casual cozy outfit. So, this was another impromptu shoot. Nothing I am wearing is new. This tunic top is a must have closet staple and these jeans are another go-to for me(they are so comfy). I love how simple this look it with a couple of great accessories it makes it so stylish. Make sure to scroll all the way down for 10 co-worker gift ideas.

Outfit Details

Top – XS | Jeans – 0 short | Shoes – TTS | Shawl – LV | Spike bracelet | Watch | Beanie | Sunglasses | Handbag

10 White Elephant(or Co-worker) Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year for Holiday work parties and sometimes it’s hard to think of gift ideas to give your co-workers. I love mixing fun with practicality, so here are 10 white elephant gift ideas under $10 and under $25 depending on what your office party budget is. Side note, these don’t have to be specifically for white elephant they are perfect for office gift exchange as well.

1 – I don’t know why but I think this little coffee cup is so cute and it’s sure to get a laugh from the recipient. Such a great conversation starter and perfect way to get a laugh out of your co-worker.

2 – So, these are more on the practical side, but I love them. I think the flip top is perfect for using your phone or laptop while on the job.

3 – Now, this is the perfect gift for the office “Mom”. You know EVERY office has the office “Mom” and I think this is cute, personal and so practical.

4 – My hubby loves fun socks and I think these would be great for the guys in the office and for the price you can grab two pairs. I linked a few options.

5 – Okay, I had to put this on the list. Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with sriracha?!? I know I am. I would seriously love to get one of these. Maybe I should just order one, but seriously this is sure to get a laugh but be very much loved and appreciated.

1 – I could actually see this being such a fun toy in the office. Think about it…when someone lands a huge deal or closes a deal they’ve been working on for over a year or(insert a huge accomplishment at your office). I just think this would be so fun and who doesn’t want to make it rain!

2 – My name is Amanda and I am a hot sauce addict…lol. Yes, this is true and that is maybe why I think this is such an AWESOME white elephant gift or for the hot sauce lover in your office.

3 – This is another gift that I’d secretly love to play with. How fun is this mini voice changer. I’d grab a few for stocking stuffers too.

4 – Another cute mini that is sure to create a little fun. These would also be perfect for kids, okay I am ordering two!

5 – What popcorn lover wouldn’t love to make individual sized fresh popcorn batches. Plus, how cute is the vibe!?!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you guys have a great week. It’s freezing again here in H-town and even though I had to do my morning workout inside I am loving it! XOXO

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