Closet Basics – 9 Men’s Closet Essentials

A couple(or a few) times a year we have to refresh the hubby’s closet essentials and I thought I’d share with you our go to things that we like to stock up on and replenish to keep fresh and current. When in comes to men’s closet essentials I like to shop at my own personal favorite, Nordstrom. They seriously have everything. Whether you are looking for essentials on the latest trends they are my go-to spot.

1 – Every man needs a pair of slip on sandals that they can wear for errands, casual family days or just to take out the trash. I loved the grey fabric of these.

2 – I love the weight of these shirts. They can be worn as under shirts or as a basic tee. Plus, they wash and dry well, which is basically a must for me.

3 – You know I love me some jammies, but the guys need some lounge pants too. My hubby always have a couple of pairs on hand for lounging around the house, so I ordered these as well. They are so soft and lightweight.

4 – You can’t talk about men’s essentials without mentioning a cologne. Am I right, ladies?!? We both recently fell in love with this one. It’s yummy!

5 – Another 2 or 3 times a year restock are undies and the hubby loves these. They are comfortable and breathable!

6 – I swear the older I get the more I realize good socks are a must. We ordered the colorful version of these but love the grey/black/white combo.

7 – Another Men’s shoe must is a comfortable sneaker and we recently ordered these and hubby loves them. I also happen to love the faded look.

8 – You can never have enough gym shorts, or so my hubby says. He really loves this style. They are very lightweight, soft and comfortable. These are another multi-use items. Perfect for lounging or casual days.

9 – The last shoe must IMO is a casual or dressy casual shoe. Something that can be worn for more outfit styles, maybe even to the office, church, etc. When I saw these online I had to order them. The color is perfect and will go with everything.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post.

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  1. The red Cole Haan shoes are so nice🙌🏼I never buy for my husband he’s very particular on his clothing socks and shoes lol everything. Cologne omg cologne I love cologne and I love it when hubby sprays it on😍, my boys all use my husbands cologne lol. Love this men’s essentials, great pictures💙