Closet Basics – Dress Pants

I get asked all the time about  what I suggest as far as closet basics dress pants, so today I am sharing some of my favorites and a few tips on how to find the perfect fit. If you missed Closet Basic – Jeans, check it out here and Closet Basics – Tees here.

1 – These are a new pair for me, but I love the lightweight feel of them so I had to share them. They are perfect for a more casual work environment and layer perfectly with a blazer or cardigan.

2 – This is one of my favorite pair of dress pants for year round. The cut is so flattering, they have regular and petite. I of course have them in petite and the length is perfect. I also love the side slit pockets, these are my favorite style when it comes to a dress pant.

3 – These are another favorite of mine, especially because of the price. They are so affordable and come in petite, tall and regular so they will have the right length for you. The material isn’t as thick as the previous pair but they are still a nice weight and look very professional. Again, love the pocket style!

4 – These are another go-to pair for me when it comes to dress pants. They are a little more slim fit, which is nice to have for certain blouse styles. These create a longer leaner leg IMO. Also, they have lots of stretch which is nice for being on the move.

5 – Another favorite of mine. You’ve seen me share these so many times on Instagram because I love them so much. I love tgeh modern yet still profession fit, plus they are so comfortable. These are a must IMO, I wear them dressier and casual because I honestly can’t get enough of them.


 – Front Pockets Matter – Horizontal pockets can be more slimming to the hip area and vertical or side slit pockets can create a more hour glass shape. If you’re a little hippie and trying to minimize the hip area go for a more streamline pocket area. If you are more square shape a side slit pocket can create the illusion of more hips!

 – Pockets still giving you a problem – Take them to a tailor and have them sewn shut. This will create a more polished look if the pockets are looking a little wonky or puffy. It’s a small fix but the pay off is great if you need it.

– Fit is so important – Honestly all clothing should fit properly. If you are petite this means either shopping in the petite section or finding a tailor you can trust. When it comes to professional wear fit really can make or break the look. Sometimes that means sizing up and taking them to a tailor to get them just right. Too tight is just as bad as too big. A pant hem can be as low as $10, but trust me it’s worth it. Try a few places until you find the price and person you like.

 – They are a little high maintenance – Not everyone likes to hear this but dress pants can’t just be thrown in the washer and dryer. Yes, there are styles out there that allow you to do this but they still will not last as long as you probably want them to. You can either find a trusty dry cleaner, which can be expensive or buy the appropriate things and do it yourself at home. Most of my dress pants I just take care of at home with something like this or this, but if you have a pair that does say it can be washed and dried, use something like this to protect them as much as you can. I then lay flat to dry and then still do an at home dry cleaning sheet(here or here) to bring the fabric back to life after it’s dried. Yes, it’s more expensive and a little high maintenance but trust me they will stay looking new so much longer.

– Sometimes you need two – If you find a fit and style you love get TWO and have one pair hemmed for heels and the other for flats. Please, whatever you do don’t try to use the same pair for both. It just doesn’t work. The extra investment is worth it.

I hope you guys are enjoying these closet basics posts, I know I am. I know this one was highly requested but I’d love to do more. Please put all requests in the comments below. I have some ideas but if I get enough requests for something different I’d love to do that next too! XOXO

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  1. I love the basics posts! Especially this one-dress pants are such a hard thing for me. Even though I’m a stay at home mom I find myself needing them for dressier events at school, church, etc. My stomach is the biggest part of me so trying to get pants to fit around my stomach but not sag in the hips is HARD! I can’t wait to check these out.