Closet Basics – Jeans

I get asked all the time to share closet basics, so I thought it would be fun to start a series here on the blog. Since my most requested topic is usually jeans I thought I’d also start there. So, here are 5 of my favorite pairs of jeans that make perfect closet staples.

1 – I think a black pair of denim is a must and these are my favorite. The fit is so flattering for basically any body type and the rise means no back gaps. Seriously, if you have a hard time finding a curve hugging pair, this style is amazing. Here is the same pair in traditional blue denim.

2 – A good fun pair of distressed denim is also good to have and these are a MAJOR must for me. I have two pair and wear them ALL the time. I also love that they are so affordable. They are a mid-rise and come in multiple lengths which makes it perfect no matter your height.

3 – Another staple for me is a clean(rip free) pair that is both flattering but also versatile. This style is perfect for the casualist(is that even a of days but pairs perfectly with a blazer too! Another plus, they come in multiple lengths, which is usually a must for me(since I am so short).

4 – This is a newer style for me, but they’ve quickly become a favorite. They are flattering and give just a little touch of flare without feeling too crazy. These are a little on the thicker side and have a touch less stretch but are still so comfortable. Plus, they also come in multiple lengths.

5 – Speaking of comfortable, these are the most comfortable of the bunch. There is something about the denim and the fit but I love these on days where I want to throw on a pair of sweats but I need to be a little more put together.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Fit

 – Find the right length(don’t alter). There are options out there for you whether you are taller or shorter but no matter how hard I’ve tried going the alteration route for denim has never looked right. Even the best tailor can only do the best they can. Look for brands that offer different lengths or try the crop styles for a full length pant if you are short.

 – Get the right rise. A lot of times we only consider the rise to be for the overall look, but it also has a lot to do with your body type. For my body type I prefer mid and high rise looks…low rise makes my torso look disproportionate to the rest of my body.

– Check that stretch. Not all stretch is created equal. so, make sure when trying out jeans you move around a lot in them. Walk around the store or the dressing room to test it out. You really won’t know until a full days wear but spend as much time in them as you can to see if the stretch will hold. The last thing you want is a saggy butt by mid day….that just ain’t cute.

 – Not all fade is good. Use that fade to enhance your shape not bring attention to problem areas. My problem area is my thighs and hip area. So, I really avoid heavy fading in this area. A little is that area is nice, but too much can be unflattering. Make sure the faded areas are working for you, not against you.

 – Check that bottom! Don’t forget to look at those pockets in the mirror. If you have a some  junk in your trunk and you want to minimize that the bigger the pockets the better. Everything about the size and position of the back pockets can affect the way it makes your backside look. Higher pockets are good for saggy/long butts. Pockets that are closer together will help balance out a wider bottom.

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  1. Wow I learned so much in this small blog post🙌🏼Truly appreciate all of your content
    hope your feeling better❤️

  2. Love youre style and tips that you come with 😊 Been watshing at lot of youre youtube videos, you do so well.

    All the way from Norway 🇳🇴