Grey Distressed Jeans

Fall is in full effect here in Houston and I am loving it! We don’t get to pull out our fall/winter gear for too long, but I am going to take full advantage. Doesn’t this sweater look familiar? ws-184-of-197





Sweater – here, here, here and here. Wearing an XS. Similar here! |  Jeans – wearing 0 regular | Shawl – found used here. | Earrings | Sunglasses | Spike Bracelet | Ring | Two-Tone Bracelet | Link Bracelet – here and here | Shoes, also love these. | Bag – here, here and here!

Are you tired of seeing these jeans yet? I know, I wear them a ton, but I love them so much! Okay, now how cute is this sweater? Do you remember it from last year? Yes, I bought it in several colors. I was so sad when they didn’t bring it back. I was able to find a couple of places that still have some left over, so if they have your size, get it NOW!! Don’t hesitate, it is amazing! I am wearing an XS, so they run big for sure.

I’ve had several people ask about this shawl, since I don’t wear it that often. First, I do love it, it is so gorgeous, but I just don’t grab for it. Yes, it is gorgeous but it snags so easily. I am going to make an effort to reach for it this year, so I will update you on the final true opinion. I just need to let go of the snag issue, since that is the only issue. It is beautiful and goes with practically everything.

Any fun plans this weekend? My mom is coming to town and we are also babysitting for some family, so I will be busy! I am so excited to see my mom for two weekends in a row but every time we are together we eat horrible and I need to get back on track after Thanksgiving week. I seriously have gained 5-7 lbs, not good. I have been slacking in the eating and the working out. I really need to get serious, but it is so hard this time of year. I was actually thinking about doing a “what I eat” vlog series, is that something you would be interested in? If so, I might seriously start that as it would motivate me to stay on track. Let me know in the comments below. Chat with you soon!

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