How to Grow Your Instagram in 2019

How to Grow Your Instagram in 2019, tips featured by top US influencer Amanda of LuxMommy

How to grow your Instagram in 2019

I get asked all the time “How I grew my Instagram” and “What my tips and tricks are”. I will admit I am no expert, but I did grow my Instagram organically and ALL my engagement is also real and organic.

Just a little background on me. I started my Instagram just for fun, an outlet for me to share fashion, shoes and handbags with the hope to connect with other people that enjoyed similar things. It was all by accident that LuxMommy became what it is today. Now I have a blog, YouTube channel and of course all my other social media pages. I may have started my Instagram for a different reason than you…..maybe you are trying to market a business, start a blog or something else all together.

At the end of the day, there are some things I recommend you do and don’t do when it comes to growing your Instagram.

So, here are 5 tips on how to grow your Instagram in 2019 and 5 things not to do.

How to Grow Your Instagram in 2019, tips featured by top US influencer Amanda of LuxMommy

5 Things to Do to Grow Your Instagram in 2019


This sounds obvious but the longer social media has been around the less people engage. We tend to just scroll through to “window shop” without giving that “like” or comment. Engage with your audience, take time to find others and engage with people in your niche. One of my favorite parts of LuxMommy is meeting new people. This part comes naturally to me, because I love that connection. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, set aside time to do it daily.


To me this is another obvious one, but some people post everything. It is much more important to show one quality photo than to show several photos. Quality doesn’t have to mean professional. If you take a look at my feed, I actually have a lot that are taken with my own camera(s), even some with my iPhone. Lighting is the most important and I personally feel natural lighting is best. So, get outside and get shooting. You can then use an app like lightroom or snapseed to improve the lighting even more. If you don’t want to add another app to your phone, use the editing tool within Instagram it’s actually not that bad.


This is another one that I feel like is crucial but often overlooked. It’s also a good idea to follow the hashtags you use the most and engage with the users using those hashtags. I don’t know the algorithm secret to hashtags, you can use 5 or 30, whatever you decide just use some. You can put some in the caption and some in a comment, either works. Whatever you do, just use them. They are there to make it easier for people to find your posts.  Don’t use the same hashtags over and over, mix it up. On top of rotating your hashtags make sure to use hashtags of different sizes. Also, make sure your hashtags are ALWAYS relevant to your post.


Yes, you will find inspiration from others, this is normal and natural but find a way to use that inspiration to do something unique to you and your brand. It’s easy to see what others are doing and want to copy it exactly, don’t. If you see something that inspires you, find a way to do it that’s more you! There is only one you in this world, show people that!


A picture says a thousands words, but the caption shows your true personality. It is important to realize that the caption is just as important as the photo. The photo catches their attention but the caption keeps them there. Be creative here…ask questions, tell a story, have fun with it.


I am not saying every photo should be the same, but try to make your feed represent your brand. Every photo should look like it belongs in your feed. Use an app like Preview to see what a photo looks like before it goes live. This is great for creating a cohesive look and overall vibe to your feed. I will admit, I personally don’t focus on this too much, but in some businesses it is crucial.

How to Grow Your Instagram in 2019, tips featured by top US influencer Amanda of LuxMommy

5 Things Not to Do to Grow Your Instagram in 2019


I understand that it is easy to fall intro the trap of the numbers. You want more followers, more likes, more comments but don’t fall into this trap. There are so many ways to get fake followers, fake likes, fake comments, pods, etc. Believe me, I understand the temptation when you see someone else that grew faster than you did or gets more engagement than you do. But, please don’t. Besides, buying any type of engagement is against Instagram‘s policy and could get your account deleted but two it’s wrong. Another popular way to get engagement is joining pods or mega pods. This isn’t against IG’s policy but it’s still fake engagement and if you use Instagram as a business, they are paying you based on numbers which are a lie. I’ve seen pages grown solely on this strategy which honestly is so upsetting. Now, if you have a group of friends that create a group specifically to support each other that is one thing, but being in a mega pod or worse several is another. I know, this will be controversial and I may have a few bloggers that I upset from this, but I am just being honest and opened about this. How can you be proud of businesses reaching out to you or getting sponsorships, etc and know deep down it is based on inauthentic numbers. Be patient, focus on the content and don’t get sucked up in the numbers.

2 – SPAM

Whatever you do, please don’t go around leaving comments like…”I just started my page, come follow” or “follow for follow” or whatever else. It’s so unprofessional and comes across as desperate. If you are trying to get a page’s attention, leave a thoughtful comment. Please whatever you do, don’t spam.


It’s hard not to look at some pages and wish you lived in that house or traveled there or had that car or or or…this list could go on. DON’T. First off, Instagram is a highlight reel. I like to say Instagram is the formal living room. You know that room that has the fancy white sofas that nobody has ever sat on, but there is a pile of dirty laundry in the family room and the sink is full of dirty dishes. The best photo is shared, the best angle, the most flattering, the #goals. Yes, some people may have a bigger house than you, travel more than you, have more stuff than you, but who cares. How about instead of comparing your life/business/house/car to that post/feed you use it for motivation?!


You’ve put in a lot of time and effort and you’re not seeing the results that you expected. It’s time to try something different. That is the beauty of Instagram, you can find the right fit for you. What works for one account may not work for you, but if you don’t give up and stay true to who you are or what your business is about you will find success. It is also important to keep in mind, success is different for everyone, so be real to you and what your goals are and stay focused on what success means to you.


When you’re putting yourself out there it is hard not to obsess, I get it, but try your hardest not to. At the end of the day, whatever is going to happen is still going to happen whether you obsess or not. Relax and allow everything you do to be used as a learning opportunity. There will be a learning curve and you will need to see what works and what doesn’t. So, instead of obsessing, learn from your audience.

How to Grow Your Instagram in 2019, tips featured by top US influencer Amanda of LuxMommy

So, there it is guys. Just a few tips on how to grow your Instagram in 2019.

I hope these tips help you and I wish you all the success this year and the years to come. I’d love to know if you enjoyed this style of post and if so, maybe I can create a series of how to grow your blog and social media here on the blog.

Please let me know in the comments what you’d like to know and see here on the blog.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! XOXO

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  1. This is awesome! Love how engaged and dedicated you are to your social media family.
    I have been watching your videos for a long time and I always look forward to your every day post.
    I really admire you Amanda, keep up the amazing work!

  2. I really enjoyed this read. It was very informative and I really appreciate your openness and authenticity. I always look forward to your blogs. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I started reading your fantastic blog, which led me to your YouTube and Instagram accounts, a couple of weeks ago. Your expertise and willingness to share are so helpful and fun to learn from. You helped me to choose my next handbag, and I can’t wait to receive it on Friday. Thank you so much!!
    Erika xoxo

    1. Clearly didn’t spell check last comment .. sorry
      Would love feedback on how to start a blog .. where to begin etc . This blog post was authentic!

  4. I don’t have plans on starting a blog but this was very interesting to read. I have to say you are very engaged with your social media…..I don’t know how you do it all🙌🏼

  5. Amanda, I have a small question. Does the persons Instagram have to be public for others to see the hashtags? Should a public Instagram be made? I know so basic but I’m a 49 year old who loves fashion and want to start a page. 🤓

  6. Thanks for this…. I am terrible at taking pictures–especially ones of myself, but I am working on it. I started a blog a while ago and am focused on building that, but I know the importance of getting people there through Social Media. I have yet to get myself to Youtube, but I think that if I can get short videos on IG, it will be good practice for me!

  7. This is a great post with really good advice! Thank you so much for sharing. I feel this is why you have such a great following…you’re authentic and have been from day one. You keep it real and stay true to yourself!!

  8. Hi Amanda, I am crazy about your style and fashion. I am a young mom of two boys and 31 years of age. I live in Namibia(Africa). I suck in fashion, and I really like to change my style. I’ve checked your YouTube videos and I’m so I love with your look.
    Your assistance in this would be highly appreciated. I’m a petite lady, 5. 2 feet in length and weigh 133 pounds.
    If you can also help me with online shopping with affordable prices.

    I am looking forward to hear from you the soonest.

    Please reply by email.

    Kind regards

  9. Love your blog ! Thanks so much or your tips on how to effectively use Instagram! Please offer some more tips whenever you can. Love your YouTube videos too – always full of inspiration and encouragement! Xoxo