Look For Less – Summer Edition

Who doesn’t love to save a little money, especially when it comes to seasonal fashion. I put together a look for less to get you through this summer season! 

Thong Sandal $19.99 vs $125 – I love this style of sandal for summer. It is just so sexy on the foot. It is basically a flip flop, but so much more. I think both versions are gorgeous, but my vote goes to the $19.99 version, if I had to pick one.

Lace-up Espadrilles $39.95 vs $88.95 – I have always loved the look of a flat espadrille for the summer. It’s a great alternative to sneakers & lifestyle shoes, when you want a to be comfy but summery. Does that make sense?!? I think both looks are a great value, but I love the worry free style of the leather versus the light canvas. I also love the light weight of the light canvas, so this one is a tie. Which would you choose?

Pom Pom Sandal $59.95 vs $225 – I admire these shoes year after year. I might have to just get a par already. I love how fun these are. Hand does the $59.95 version wins in this situation. It even appears to have more details, with the beading. Save some money and get the cheaper version for sure!

Mules $99.95 vs $219.97 – If you don’t have a heeled mule in your life you need one and I love this ankle wrap style. It goes with so much and this neutral colors compliments any color. I really do love both of these. The $219.97(on sale) version has been around for years and is very luxurious, but the $99.95 version is just as cute.

Crossbody Bag $398 vs $895 – Everybody needs a crossbody bag in the summer time. Something to grab and go for family fun days and hands free walks through the mall, park or local festivals. Even though neither option is cheap, I love that you can buy a high quality leather bag for under $400. Because of the classic shape and style of the bag, the $398 version can be pulled out for many years to come and still feel perfect for any occasion. All day long the $398 version wins in my book.

Straw Beach Bag $23.97(on sale) vs $139 – Both are too cute, but something that is going to get sand all over and inside of it, the $23.97 version is my favorite hands down. If you want to dress it up a little add a pom pom bag charm, like this one.

Everyday Tote $64.95 vs $168 – I love a good everyday tote. This can be used as your everyday bag, but also your travel bag, laptop bag, mom bag, well everything bag. You can’t go wrong with a classic tote and both of these are winners in my book. I’ve seen both in person and even though the $64.95 version isn’t leather, it is soft, pliable and comfortable. The $168 version is luxurious and supple. This is a tie for me, as I love both and think that both options are wonderful and a perfect bang for your buck.

Sunglasses $65 vs $165 – These both are my current go-to sunnies and I love them both, BUT I love that I can buy TWO of the $65 shades for less than the $165 shades. Love them both!

Long Tassel Necklace $40 vs $175 – I love to add pops of color, especially in the summer time and how fun is a bright turquoise necklace. I have the $40 necklace and love it, so save some money to get the same look.

Swimsuit cover-up $58.96(on sale) vs $325 – I am not sure who would spend $325 on a swimsuit cover-up, it certainly isn’t me..lol. With that said, it is gorgeous and clearly a beautiful piece, so I was happy to find a cheaper alternative.

Plaid Shirt $44 vs $148 – I love a good lightweight flannel in the summer time. It looks great with a pair of cut offs and flip flops, thrown over a swimsuit or even dressed up with jeans. I actually ordered one of these tops. Can you guess which one?

Hope you liked that, maybe this is something I can do every season. What are your thoughts? Let me know below.

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