Must Have $90 Coat + $40 Jeans

I am so happy that I got this coat recently. It is currently freezing, so I am staying cozy in this baby and I also ordered this one as well. Which should be here any day! I can’t wait. One another note, I get asked all the time about jeans.  I’ve share how much I love these on YouTube, but I don’t think I have shared here but I LOVE these jeans and they are cheap. I am wearing a 0 short, which is a size down for me, so I’d say they run a little big. T be on the safe side, I’d order tts and one size down, but these are a new MUST for me. I ended up getting two of this exact pair, color, everything…I love them that much. Trust me! 

Coat – small | Sweater – small, also have it in XS and think I prefer the XS fit better | Jeans – 0 short | Shoes – NOT DAY SHOES, bar to car for sure, but they are HOT!! | Sunglasses | Bag – Chanel Mini Square – buy preloved here 

So, things are slowly getting back to normal and I should be back to my Tuesday/Thursday videos for next week. I’ve missed you guys, but to be honest it was so nice to relax a little with the boys. They are officially back in school, which means I am back to my daily grind, which to be honest I love. I feel like it’s me. I love being busy, having a schedule and getting things done. It’s in my nature. When I take too much time off, I feel like I start to lose myself. So it is nice to be back, even though I very much enjoyed it. Are you back to your daily grind yet or still taking it easy?

Happy New Year! XOXO

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  1. The outfit is perfection I love everything about it ❤️The color combination is amazing ❤️
    I think your boys loved being home with you & you with them
    Mine don’t go back to Monday the 8th, can’t wait to see more YouTube videos 💕💖💕

  2. I really love the coat! Also, I might need to try those jeans, because they look so good and are such a great price. I’m the same way – I like to relax, but too much time off I start to not feel myself. I definitely need to stay busy, too! Excited to see more videos from you!