A Natural Deodorant That Works

If you’ve been following me a while you know I’ve been on the hunt for a natural deodorant. I’ve tried a ton and I mean a ton and most have fallen short. About two months ago a subscriber recommended Native to me and I decide to order a few. I’ve been testing out this deodorant for over a month and guys it’s a good one. A few weeks after I started testing out Native on my own I received an email from Native asking to work together. It was fate guys, fate and here we are. I am so excited to be partnering with Native on today’s post. I ended up placing a second order so I could show you what I originally ordered, this set. Options are always a good idea. I actually like them all. They have regular and sensitive, I decided to buy sensitive and I have had ZERO irritation. The sensitive has no baking soda, which I found out irritates me, so no baking soda for me. That was one of my issues on this natural deodorant journey. I love that I now have a deodorant that works but also is aluminum free. If you’re like me, still hunting down that perfect natural deodorant, check out Native.


Sensitive Sample Set | Original Sample Set | Travel Size Sample Set(I keep one in my handbag)

I hope you guys have a great week. Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you to Native for sponsoring today’s post. XOXO

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  1. Does this deodorant help with odor, I always switch up my deodorants because I feel they stop with the odor within 3 weeks of me using it

    1. I love this deodorant. It works. BUT, if you work out you will stink. It’s natural. I run and lift weights and take workout classes daily and I smell afterwards. So I take a shower and then reapply my Native. It works for the daily/normal grind. I have yet to find a “natural” deodorant that holds up to a good sweat session though. XX ~ E

  2. My daughter and I were on a hunt for natural and better deodorant. We found Native and fell in love. After 3 months I had irritation and switched to sensitive. 3 months after that my daughter asked for sensitive too.
    Our underarms were hot and itchy. After we both switched to sensitive we were fine for 6 months and more irritation. We saw our dermatologist, thinking we had a yeast rash~ upon testing the Dermatologist said she couldn’t believe it, but we were reacting to the deodorant.
    I suggest everyone to try it!! We both loved it until the rash. Hands down best deodorant. No matter what you did you smelled fresh and clean!!

  3. So happy you like native too! Yay! Although I started with coconut vanilla, i have eventually joined the masses with lavender and now I am enjoying cucumber mint. So nice! Love your blog, and youtube channel.