Perfect Everyday Neutral Outfit

I have finally found the perfect layering cami! I have been on the hunt for something light weight, flowy and strappy to wear under cardigans, jackets, etc when I want a layered look without the extra weight of a full top underneath and this top couldn’t be more perfect. I am wearing a Small, and I also ordered it in black! I would have ordered more but as of now those are the only colors they have in it! I am not kidding, order it now!!!

Top – Size small(A MUST, just saying) | Jacket – Small | Jeans – 2 short(TTS) | Shoes – mine are out of stock – here is a cheaper dupe | Bag – used here and here | Sunglasses | Earrings – Similar here | Ring

If I could have a signature look it would be this, neutral with a twist! I seriously am obsessed with this outfit, I am not kidding that I could wear this every day. This cami is too perfect, I’ve already worn in twice and it’s brand new. It layers perfectly under a cardigan too. I’ve had a few people ask about my sunglasses, and yes, the are my faves. I have always been a ray-ban girl and these have to be my favorite pair to date. I do have several other pairs of sunnies, but these are for sure my go to. I think they go great with everything and since the price isn’t too high, I worry less about damaging them. I have always felt a pair like this is a great investment.

On a shoe note, I get a lot of questions about the bottoms of my Loubs. You can see in the last picture, the wear of the red bottoms. This is completely normal, and I happen to love this look. These shoes are fairly new, I got them in October, the red rubs off pretty quickly. I wouldn’t say any more than a typical pair of shoes, the difference is you can see the contrast of the red and natural color, versus other soles being already natural or black. I do not use any of those sticker protectors. I personally like to wear them for a few months and get this natural worn look, then I take them to a cobbler to be completely re-soled. When they re-sole the shoe they put a brand new sole on the bottom area that you walk on, a red rubber sole, so it will always look red from then on. You will still need to keep up the soles, but re-soling every year or two or even longer, depending on how often you wear your shoes. I don’t know why but I have always loved the look of the red worn sole, there is something authentic about it. I will do a video as soon as I can, so you can see the before and after!

I hope you all had an amazing and memorable Christmas. Mine was nice and relaxing, which is always my goal! The boys are growing up way too fast, so I am enjoying every minute.

Happy New Year!

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