Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Shopping Tips

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale can be overwhelming, and since I’ve had a few requests to cover this sale, I decided to put this together. Here are a few tips and the brands I will be shopping during the sale this year. 

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? 

Easily the most popular sale of the year that happens mid-July to early August that offers BRAND NEW Fall Fashion and Back to School Fashion at deeply discounted prices. Early access starts 7/13/17 for Nordstrom card holders(credit and debit). It will then open up to the public on Friday, 7/21/17 and end on Sunday, August 6th. Things sell out FAST and EARLY, so I recommend ordering as soon as you can. I tend to place multiple orders, since shipping is free!

How to get early access?

Early access is only available for credit and debit card holders, but lots of things sell out during the early access period. I highly recommend registering for early access if you can. I actually have the Nordstrom debit card, which is no longer available. Register here to sign up for Nordstrom Rewards. Don’t want to open a line of credit, no problem, you can still earn points by becoming a rewards member. There are a few benefits you will miss out on, and this doesn’t qualify you for early access.

Shopping Tips

Have a List – May sound silly, but it works. Just like it’s always smarter to go into the grocery store with a list, because you will inevitably forget something or buy things you really don’t need. Ask your self a couple of questions. What are you missing in your wardrobe? (Do you live in a colder climate, but don’t have a nice coat? Are you a working professional and don’t have any good work pants or blazers?) Do you need to replace some basic pieces? (Are your white tees dingy? Your favorite sweaters holey? Your jeans loosing stretch?)

Organize Your List By Categories and Set a Budget – (Tops, Jeans, Work clothes, Shoes, Jewelry, Beauty, Kids clothes/shoes, Hubby clothes/shoes, Gifts, etc). Prioritize the list within each category and then decide on a budget. Deciding on a budget can be tricky, but once you do, stick to it.

Save on Big Ticket Items – Is there a bag, coat or nice pair of boots that are just a little bit out of budget usually? Now is the time to buy those pricier items and save big.

Don’t forget everything else – The first things that come to mind when we are talking this sale is clothing and shoes. Don’t forget about back to school clothes for the kiddos, Christmas gifts for the in-laws or go-to make-up and skincare items.

Shop Early – I know this seems obvious, but leaving things in your cart for a day or two may result in you missing out. Place multiple orders if you need to, shipping is FREE, so why not! Not sure about an item, go ahead and order it and return it for FREE if it doesn’t work out.

What I am shopping for

I have many go-to brands that I shop over and over. Here are the brands I will be looking for in this sale.

LUSH – Most of my favorite tops are from this brand. I tend to buy multiples.

BP – I love this brand, they make clothing, shoes and accessories. They are so affordable.

Halogen – They have the best cardigans and basic tees.

Treasure & Bond – This is one of my favorite brands. They have great jeans for under $100 and gorgeous jewelry and accessories.

TopShop – They have the best leather jackets and edgy clothing items. I love the high rise jeggings.

Hinge – I am obsessed with their dresses and overall feel of the line. It is so feminine and lovely.

I plan on doing one or two more posts about my favorites and what I purchased during the sale. So make sure your subscribed to the blog to be notified of those posts. What will you be picking up during the sale?  Let me know below.

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