Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 – What I’ve ordered(so far) + Recommendations

Want to see what I woke up early to order?? Check out below and some of my recommendations! Happy shopping!

1 – I couldn’t help but grab this cardigan, it just looks way too cozy.

2 – I love a good striped tee and this one is perfect. I didn’t grab this one, only cause I have one exactly like it, so it’s a big time recommend.

3 – I love a good poncho and this one is perfect and it’s cashmere and under $100. Snag it up, FAST!

4 – These will without a doubt sell out quick, the good basic tees always do. Grab one or three!

5 – Another cozy cardigan option, comes in several colors. I will be showing a lot of cardigans, since I live in Texas, they are perfect for our “winter”. Grab a couple! This one is also cashmere and UNDER $100!! Seriously, get them before they are gone!

6 – These tops are so perfect for casual or work wear, one of my favorite styles. They have the best tops! I am grabbing one or two.

7 – LOVE LOVE LOVE this cardigan and it comes in GREY, and it’s just under $32!

8 – This plaid is perfection. I love the oversized tunic shape with this bold plaid print. This is coming home to me!

9 – I had to get this sweater, I’ve wanted one for a while and it was a great deal. I sized up to a medium for a oversized fit.

1 – Another cardigan option, but love the sleeve details!

2 – Love this tee so much, I had to snag it up. Size down, this brand runs big!

3 – Another cashmere sweater, but this one is OTS. I love a good OTS sweater, they are so elegant and chic. See this post for inspiration.

4 – I am pretty sure I am going to order this blazer, just not sure which color. What color should I get?

5 – My DREAM cardigan, it has a HOOD! I think I “need” this!

6 – This tee is already selling out fast! I had to order a medium. They wash and dry per instructions!

7 – I love how lightweight this cardigan is. One of my favs!

8 – I love the tie and ruffle detail on this top, such a fun piece to add to your wardrobe.

9 – I love a good waterfall cardigan and this one is perfect. If you don’t have a waterfall cardigan, this is a good one at a great price. 

1 – these booties are too cute. Love this deep rich brown too!

2 – These might be my fav knee high boot in the sale. I love the wood heel, these are perfection.

3 – How perfect are these for grab and go shoes, but not frumpy. I love the pointy toe and the suede. These are great to have.

4 – You can’t get much more classic than this riding boot. This style has been around for years. It is a great time to save some money if these have been on your wishlist.

5 – I love the detail of these boots, they are a designer dupe at a much better price.

6 – How fun are these OTK boots, I had to share. I love the detail and I love the suede!

7 – These adorable booties come in two colors and I can’t decide which I want. HELP? Which color?

8 – Now these I LOVE. They look so expensive. I want these so bad!

9 – Talk about perfection, these boots are so good. I am deciding between these and #8, which do you like best?

1 – My favorite leggings and love the extra detail of these. These are a must! They wash and dry well too!

2 – I’ve had this blowdryer for several months now and I love it! Highly recommend!

3 – I love these utility type of jackets, I have two. This is a great layering piece for those transition months. Plus, the green goes with EVERYTHING!

4 – You know how I feel about MB, these are my go-to products! Stock up and save!

5 – I love this classic tote with the extra detail. They make the best bags!

6 – I have and love this device. I don’t use it often, but when I do I notice a HUGE difference in my skin.

7 – I am kind of digging this robe. I am kind of a robe collector, it’s a problem and this one looks perfect!

8 – Even though I am personally trying to go more natural for deodorants, this is a good one, my favorite actually. Yes, it’s pricey for a deodorant, but it’s so so so so worth it. Trust me!

9 – So, I couldn’t decide between these watches so I wanted to share both. I love the silver one because it’s so sleek and classic, great for dressy or casual and the wrap watch is so great for casual, no need to layer bracelets. I love them both!

Wow, that was a lot, but I am so happy with all my purchases. Next, I am working on back to school clothes for the boys! Then, I will circle back to some of the things I wasn’t sure about. Are you having any luck with the sale yet?


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