The Perfect Holiday Dress

When it comes to dresses, I can be pretty picky. I love wearing dresses but they have to be flattering and the right length and this one is perfect. This dress is perfect for those holiday parties and family gatherings. It comes in a few colors, but I can’t get enough of yellow lately so that is what I snagged. It also paired perfectly with these leopard heels so it was a win win. Any reason to add a dash of leopard is always a good idea in my book.

Dress – Small | Shoes – Louboutin Pigalle Follies 100 – also like these with a chunky heel | Necklace | Watch | Sunglasses | Bag – Chanel Mini Square – affordable alternative here 

Okay, so I know I wasn’t ready for the weather we had last week, but come on, it’s summer again. Texas, or should I say Houston, can never get it together. We are back to hotter than heck around here, how about you? Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I thought the weather we had recently meant we might actually have a fall. Guess I was wrong….lol. Enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

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  1. How beautiful is this dress, the heels 👠 complete the look, great handbag alternatives, I have the furla handbag and it’s perfect😊

  2. What a lovely dress!!! It looks beautiful on you and you paired it perfectly with those leopard shoes.
    Same here we had fall like weather last week and now we are back to “ summer time” here is South Florida.
    We will be visiting my in laws for thanksgiving, they live in Philly and I’m not ready for the cold weather at all.
    Xoxo 😘