The Softest Cardigan EVER

When you find the one, you just know. You can just feel it and you know, you will probably never find another cardigan as soft as this one. So, I picked up this cardigan during the Nordstrom sale, which I will admit is the only way I was willing to spend that much money on a cardigan. I have to admit, I would totally pay retail for this cardigan, it is that soft and cozy. I enjoy wearing this. So much, that I will be getting another color. I also love that these make the perfect gift for a best friend, mom or sister. They just feel special. I’ve wash(hand wash cycle) and lay flat to dry and it comes out perfectly. I know a few of you said you machine dried, but I just felt better doing the lay flat to dry. It looks good as new. I feel like this is the perfect casual fall outfit. It’s simple but classic and chic. It’s also comfortable. The shoes have been so popular since the Nordstrom sale, so I linked a very similar pair. If you want a closed back version, I of course love these.

Cardigan – xs/s | Tee – small | Jeans – 2 short | Shoes – similar here | Belt | Sunglasses | Watch | Necklace | Bag – LV Neverfull MM – buy used here 

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  1. I bought the travel shawl from Barefoot dreams at the Nordstrom sale, I was tempted to buy this cardigan but i have had circle cardigans before and they just don’t sit right on my body. My shawl is amazing though, so luxuriously soft and apparently it all tucks into the pocket so you can use it as a pillow on the plane or use the whole thing as a blanket. I definitely plan to buy more from this line at next year’s sale. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amanda, is the color you’re wearing the Cocoa Pearl Heather? I love these cardigans. I have a dark grey one from last year but adore this lighter color as well.