Spring Weekend Casual

I’ve been loving the weekend casual vibes, even during the week lately. I shared this #ootd on Instagram last week and wanted to include it on the blog as well as it is a major go-to. I get a ton of questions about these jeans, I have two pairs. They wash and dry very well and are so comfortable. They are a mid-rise, which I love and are very flattering. I’d say to go tts on these for a comfortable and stylish fit. I also get asked a lot about this mini bag. I talk about it a lot, it is definitely a forever bag for me. This one was bought from a person, but if you are in the market, I’d buy one from here.

Top – medium | Jeans – 2 short | Shoes – Chanel – dupe here | Sunglasses | Earrings | Watch | Spike bracelet | Link bracelet – similar here | Necklace | Phone case | Handbag

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday(in the worst possible singing voice)….lol, but we’ve made it!!! I have a mother/son event with the boys tonight and I am so excited. It’s my first school mom event. Is it weird that I am also a little nervous to meet the other moms?!? I am the biggest introvert. I don’t know why or how I got this way, but social situations make me nervous and I avoid them at all costs. What’s crazy is, I can make friends so easily once I am in social situations, but I always avoid them. That was one of the goals I set for 2018, to put myself out there more to meet new people and I’ve been doing that and really loving it! Okay, enough chit chat. Y’all have a great weekend! XOXO

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  1. It doesn’t seem your an introvert, I’m the same way I’m very shy but once I know you I will not stop talking 😂hope you have a wonderful time at the event your always so beautiful love this outfit 👌🏼🖤

  2. Amanda… I didn’t know you get nervous in social situations. I never got that vibe from you but I totally get it! I’m often accused of being rude..but I promise I’m not. I just shy and find it hard to insert myself into a conversation or new groups of people! Anyway…that’s my fave casual look of yours…you’ve convinced me I need those shoes (hubby may or may not be speaking to me now) and I hope your school mom event went well!!! Have a safe, warm weekend!