Three Things I am Shopping for Now – Feb 2017

So, I am not sure a wish list ever stops growing, so it is hard to narrow down everything, but I wanted to put this together showing a few things I am lusting after now. Let me know which are your favorites. 

First thing on my wish list is a black Crossbody bag. I don’t wear black often, so I just want to have one I can reach for when I need it. Here are some that are catching my attention.

1 – I have the soho disco in red, but love this version with the new logo in black too.

2 – This bag is everything, you know I am a Valentino lover, but it might be a little more than I want to spend on such a small bag. We shall see!

3 – Now, this bag, I love! I love that it is all chain strap with no leather insert. I love the size. This is a high contender.

4 – This bag is so cute, I love the tassel, and the gold logo in front. I just wish it were a tad bigger, but love the overall look.

5 – I love how affordable this one is and the personalization makes it feel really special.

6 – This bag always catches my eye, it is so classy and chic looking.

7 – I love the details and quality of this bag. I’ve seen it in person too and it is so much nicer in person.

8 – I love this bag. The simplicity of it keeps me coming back to it, and I don’t have a Prada in my collection….yet!

9 – Now this bag, is classic. I haven’t yet seen one in person, as my Chanel boutique never has any in stock, but I could see adding a Chanel to my collection at some point.

The next thing I am looking to purchase is a new carry-on luggage. I bought this set last year, and only used it once, but my mom said she needed some luggage, so I gave it to her. I decided I want to buy a cute carry-on. Here are some carry-on rolling pieces I am considering(or loving, I should say).

1 – So, I’ve actually owned this carry-on, but sold it about two years ago. I decided to invest in it as strictly a carry-on piece and got away with it for many years, then one trip I forgot to check-in early and was forced to check it in. When I got back to the hotel, I noticed the wheel area had been broken. I was devastated and decided I wouldn’t buy another luxury rolling luggage. However, I did love this piece and still think about it often, so I highly recommend it. There is a side of me that thinks maybe I will get another one and use for non-flight travel.

2 – This carry-on is so stinking cute. I love that it can be personalized and the price isn’t bad either. It also comes in black, which I like as well.

3 – I love the clean lines of this piece. Also, since it is black, I won’t have to worry about stains. The quality of their pieces are nice too, so I could see this lasting for years!

4 – Now this one is so chic. I love the rose gold hardware and the front pockets.

5 – So, this one is definitely out of the budget, but I thought it was so cute that I had to share.

6 – This carry-on is so so so so so beautiful. I am constantly checking it out online. I love everything about it. The pockets, the color options, the hardware and all the pockets.

Which one is your favorite carry-on? Which one should I buy?

Next on my list is a new backpack. If you follow me on Snapchat or watch my Instagram stories, this isn’t news for you. I am looking for something that I can carry to family outings(vacation, carnivals, festivals, etc.), the boys school field trips and also as my personal carry-on for travel. So I want it to be semi-care free, but also something cute and I enjoy looking at and using. Here are some I am liking lately.

1 – This backpack is so cute, and since it is the canvas would be very carefree. I also love the size.

2 – I just stumbled across this backpack and love the vibe of it. It is very relaxed and vintage looking.

3 – Now, this backpack I love. The only concern I have, not that it would stop me from buying it is that it is drawstring. I love the front pockets and well, it’s Louis, need I say more.

4 – I don’t know what it is about this one, but I’ve been eyeing it for months, even before I was in the market for a new backpack. I just love the details in this bag.  You can also get it here.

5 – I love this navy blue color, it is so pretty. I could see this one working great for all the needs I have as it has so many pockets. Even though it is drawstring, it has that pull on it, so it would be easy to close up quickly.

6 – I’ve also considered going old school classic book bag, and I love this one, especially the grey color. I also love this color.

7 – How cute is this camo backpack. I just think this would be so cute with a plain simple outfit.

8 – How nice is this backpack. I also love the vibe and feel of this one, looks like you could literally have it the rest of your life and it would feel classic.

So, those are a few things on my shopping list lately. I’d love to know which are your favorites, please comment below. Also, what’s on your wish list right now?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Amanda! I love your blog! I think it was the only thing I wasn’t following of yours lol. I really like #9…Chanel classic black bag. What a great one to start with as you can’t go wrong. I don’t own a Chanel yet either…will probably start out with a card holder in a fun color. xo Marie Ann

    1. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. Those are stock photos, so maybe the lighting is bad. I love my pigalles! XOXO

  2. I saw a Chanel Classic Flap in Caviar today and whilst I do love the bag and it is beautiful I just don’t think it’s THAT great for the price point. However, there’s a Chanel casual bag I saw today at the boutique as well that looks very similar to the YSL #4, maybe check that out. II have been seeing #3 in so many blogs, Snaps etc it’s a nice bag but I don’t adore it, I’d probably go for the Gigi one you can personalize, love that about it, but my first choice is the Alexandar Wang #7.

    For the carry-on I’d go the LV and just don’t check it in as it’s a carry-on luggage anyway 😉 If not I’d go for the one with the rose gold hardware. Another fashion Youtuber got #2 and she had only used it twice and the edging etc are coming off already so quality isn’t too great and apparently the bag itself is already heavy without any contents.

    Lastly, backpack I’d go #1, my first choice is the LV but as you said I can see the drawstring to be a problem if your constantly grabbing something in and out of your bag, plus the leather will definitely colour after awhile of use unless you plan to get it in the Damur Ebene.