Wife. Mom. Boss.

This top is so fun and comfy……. I love mixing casual tees with glam shoes! 

Top – Small | Jacket – Small | Jeans – 2 short | Shoes – here, here and here | Sunnies | Earrings | Ring | Bag – LV Neverfull GM – also love this and this

I shared this top on SnapChat and had a ton of questions. I am wearing a small and it fits perfectly loose. I had someone message me and ask, after seeing it on snapchat, if I was really a boss(like a manager or owner of a company, or something like that). My response, we are all a boss….and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. I truly believe that. We are the boss of our lives, our happiness, our future. In all honesty though, I didn’t pick out this shirt with that thought. I picked it because I thought it was funny and gave me a little laugh, but when this person asked me that question, my immediate response to myself was, “Yes, I am a boss and so are you”…lol. So, if the shirt fits……

I have a lot of catching up to do, no videos this week on YouTube. I have the whole day off tomorrow for a spa day, and I will be VLOGGING! Then, I will film a video or two Saturday to catch up, so you will have at least two videos for next week!

Y’all have a great weekend Bosses!!

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