Best Sellers of the Week – August Week 2

Perfume – This perfume has stolen my heart since I bought it. I am so glad so many of you decided to grab it too. It’s one of the most beautiful perfumes I own. It’s light, delicate, feminine and elegant!!

Hoodie – This fleece lined hoodie is a fall and winter must have. It’s long, super soft and so cozy!! I ordered a small and it’s perfectly oversized!

Mask – Still an all time favorite for me! This mask is super hydrating and can be used as a sleeping mask or spot treatment. Use code LUXMOMMY at checkout to save!

Two Piece Set – These sets have been a big hit every year and I think this color is my new favorite! I ordered a small for the perfect fit!

Acne Treatment – Having a spot treatment when something POP ups is always a good idea. I am loving this one since it’s clear and layers well under makeup!


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