How to Organize like a Boss but for Real Life – The Closet

To say that I love to organize would be an understatement. It’s something I do in my spare time…seriously! I’ve been dying to get this space organized to share with you guys and it’s finally done. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure I will do more over time but…

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New Videos

Statement Belt + Cut Off Shorts

The casual vibes continue and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. Speaking of casual….I just put up a Luxury Sandals Video, if you missed it, check it out here. If you’re in the market for these sandals, find out my final thoughts. I’ve also been wearing this handbag so much lately….

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Sephora Bonus Event Picks

Weekend Vibes with a Touch of Leopard

I think I’ve officially been converted to a casual style lover. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always loved a good casual look, but I’ve found it’s the little touches that really make a cause look feel more stylish. The ruffles on the sleeves of this top. The little touch of…

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Fashion Favorites

How to Style a Yellow Dress for Spring

My favorite pop of color is yellow, and red, but yellow is my #1 favorite. When I saw this yellow dress online I had to order it. I wanted it so bad, I ordered two sizes to make sure one worked. This is the perfect shade of yellow and I…

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Skincare Favorites

The Hat I Will Be Wearing All Season

I’ve never considered myself a hat person, I want to be, but I’ve never felt comfortable in them. That was until I found this one. You’re going to be seeing this one a lot, you’ve already seen it a lot. Just know you’ll be seeing it a lot more as…

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Hair Favorites

Textured Tunic + Cut-Offs

I love when I can find a top that is versatile. This tunic is perfect for now and later. I love it tied up for spring and summer, but it’s perfect length with leggings for later. These shorts are so fun and I love the extra distressed feel of these….

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Makeup Favorites

Spring Weekend Casual

I’ve been loving the weekend casual vibes, even during the week lately. I shared this #ootd on Instagram last week and wanted to include it on the blog as well as it is a major go-to. I get a ton of questions about these jeans, I have two pairs. They…

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Home Favorites

Denim Shorts + Ruffle Top

Houston can’t seem to make up it’s mind on the weather, but I am craving some spring/summer weather and had to pull out the¬†shorts. These are going to be on repeat, let me repeat….major repeat all spring and summer. The fit, length is too good. Quick secret tip….these shorts actually…

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