Favorites of the Week – November Week 4

Sleep Melts – I’ve been talking about this brand of CBD for years now and I love that they keep coming out with new formulas to try. These sleep melts are so good and don’t forget you can use code LUXMOMMY to save!!

Stress Gummies – Another CBD favorite of the week! These stress gummies have been exactly what I needed this week. Use code LUXMOMMY

Dyson Fan – I love this 2 in 1 Dyson fan it’s a must have with cats. I also love that it’s quiet enough for day but enough noise on high for night!

Theragun Mini – Another stress reliever must have! This theragun mini is perfect for your bedside table.

Turtleneck Sweater – Love a good sweater find, especially when it’s affordable. I ordered this one in ivory, just place an order for the other color too!


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