Favorites of the Week – February Week 1

Charcoal Shampoo – If your scalp needs a little TLC but you need something gentle, this charcoal shampoo is perfect. It cleans and refreshes the scalp while helping with many scalp issues.

Heart Sweater – Looking for the cutest Valentine’s Day sweater, this one is suer soft and cozy!

Skinny Jeans – I still love my skinny jeans and these are a new favorite. The fit is AMAZING and they are super affordable.

Microfoliant – Sometimes my skin just needs a little manual exfoliation and this is one of my favs because it isn’t rough at all. It can be mixed with water or your favorite cleanser!

Face Cream – I love a good rich moisturizer and I just added this one into my rotation. Use code LUXMOMMY_ADV to save $$


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