Favorites of the Week – November Week 3

Concealer – This has been a go to of mine for years now, but it’s basically been the only makeup I’ve worn all week long. It really is my favorite under eye concealer. It’s hydrating, provides great coverage and looks natural.

Mini Theragun – I ended up putting my mini theragun in my night stand. It’s the perfect size for end of day massages. It really is a new must have for me!

Beauty Butter – I’ve been washing my hands way more than normal with packing, cleaning the new house, etc. and this beauty butter has been a life saver for my hands.

Balenciaga Belt Bag – Meet the newest belt bag to my collection! I love this color combo so much!

Sheer Renewal Cream – I finally was restocked on my favorite everyday moisturizer. This one is so lightweight yet super hydrating! It’s perfect for everyday hydration.


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