Favorites of the Week – September Week 4

Triad Pads – I love when I discovery a new skincare product that I love. I’ve been using these triad pads for a few weeks now and still love them. They cleanse, tone and hydrate and are perfect for sensitive skin.

Mud Mask – Another perfect for sensitive or dry skin favorite. This mud mask has become a weekly go to. It purifies without stripping my skin.

Perfume – Does anyone else go into perfume phases?! This is my current daily go to. I just fall in love with it all over again!!

Sneakers – Another repeat favorite! These sneakers are my current favorite workout sneaker that I own. The look is just so modern and unique. Bonus, they are super comfy too. Go up half!

Throw Blanket – I’ve found my new favorite cozy blanket. This one is the perfect weight, size and it’s affordable. I will be grabbing more for everyone in the house!


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