Top 10 Luxury Gift Ideas for Him and Her Under $1000

Top 10 Luxury Gift Ideas for Her Under $1000 featured by top US fashion blog, LuxMommy


1 – I know, I know, I keep talking about this scarf, but seriously they make the perfect luxury holiday gift. They are classic, timeless and well made. This is my newest one and I love it. The weight is actually perfect for year round and it comes in a few colors. This is the classic tone, which is my personal favorite.

2 – David Yurman has really been a new favorite of mine. They also have a big price range, which I can appreciate making it the perfect brand to look at for gift giving. I love the idea of gifting a piece with the receivers birthstone on it. This one is stunning. 

3 – It’s no secret that I love watches. High, low, I don’t discriminate but if you are looking for something a little more luxurious these watches are my favorite. They also have a nice price range, but you can find a few styles under $1000 or of course higher depending on your budget.

4 – A luxury card holder is a must for a luxury lover. I will link a few options down below but this one has been catching my eye lately. I love the vintage vibes plus since it’s under $300, it’s perfect for someone special.

5 – I had to include one handbag in a luxury gift guide, but I wanted it to be a really great buy. This tote is perfect. It’s full leather, comes in several colors and it classic and chic.


Top 10 Luxury Gift Ideas for Him Under $1000 featured by top US fashion blog, LuxMommy


1 – I feel like the first thing to start with as far as luxury with men is a great wallet. I love the vintage vibes of this one. It’s also a little different than a typical plan/solid color wallet.

2 – Whether the man you are shopping for dresses up for work or not, it is always nice to have a tie on hand for special occasions. This Burberry tie is classic and will go with business casual or corporate, making it the perfect gift for a man in your life.

3 – Another great option is a classic luxury belt. I love the tone on tone of this one, making it perfect for casual or dressy. Bonus, it’s under $300.

4 – Another great luxury item to have on hand is a nice luxurious scarf. This check cashmere is perfect for a classic look that he can reach for year after year.

5 – I love finding mens watches and this black face against the silver is gorgeous. This is another great day to night watch for casual or dressy without being too flashy.


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  1. I have really enjoyed watching your videos on YT and viewing your blog post! So professionally done, but yet, down to earth. Thank you!

  2. Thank you again Amanda for the great ideas!! I’ve been dying for those kitty and frenchie otg bags..still sold out. I’ll keep checking.

  3. Love your gift suggestions esp the Burberry scarves. I have given them as a gift but do not have one myself. Must put on my own wish list!

  4. I love your channel and your style. I have purchased a lot of items base on what you have. 😁 Keep up the great ideas and stylish design

  5. Love all of your gift ideas!! I just recently bought a sweater from the brand Barefoot Dreams and its AMAZING!! So I need the robe as its starting to get cold! 🙂 Can’t wait for more blog posts!!!

  6. Great gift guide. I would love to get any of those items. Haha. I have entered for the giveaway. Thank you for the awesome opportunity.

  7. I feel like a watch is something that most people don’t have these days because we all have phones; so that would be an easy gift for a guy. Also, it’s impossible to shop for guys but this list makes it so much easier! Thank you!

  8. I can’t believe I wasn’t suscribe to your blog OMG, always watch your videos and follow you on Instagram😑 well now I’m suscribe and I love it ❤️

  9. I absolutely love all of your suggestions! Every one of your gift ideas are classic timeless pieces that everyone would like to have!

  10. So excited about this Christmas! I feel like brands are just killing it this year. Thank you for so many great suggestions!

  11. I really enjoyed your video. You gave such fabulous gift ideas in all price ranges! Thank you for making my shopping easier!
    Merry Christmas!

  12. I love all your ideas and I am sure anyone would love to receive any of these gifts….hmmm I wouldn’t mind getting that Burberry Scarf!

  13. Love all your ideas I wish I could afford some but with 6 kids is very hard they cone first but love to watch all your videos.

  14. Love the gift ideas! I really enjoy your channel! One of my favorite YouTubers xoxo Have a Merry Christmas. God bless you.

  15. Love everything on the gift guide! I have especially been loving the DY and love the link you showed in the videos how it pairs with the cable!

  16. You have no idea how much inspiration I draw from your Instagram, YouTube and blog. My wallet may not thank you, but I do! Thanks for the killer content and for reaffirming gifts I have purchased and asked for this season 💘

  17. Love your content! I may not be able to afford all of the pieces you rave about, but I put aside money so one day i can own pieces like you!

  18. I am in love with that Gucci card holder. Two years ago my husband and I were in Singapore (he’s a diplomat) and we got the bad news we couldn’t have children, he too it as hard as I did, so we went on a shopping bender to console ourselves. He bought this gorgeous leather wallet for a ridiculous price (because it’s Singapore and everything is expensive there). I had such envy! Cut ahead 2 years, we’ve now been incredibly lucky enough to adopt a little girl in kindergarten and now, we no longer are DINKs! (Double income, no kids!), so splurges aren’t in the future for us for awhile! I’m still kicking myself for not buying one of those designer wallets for myself! So now I have shoppers envy!

  19. Another great men’s wallet is the Secrid wallet! I got one for my husband and I couple of years ago and he loves it. Thanks for sharing your ideas 🙂

  20. You always pick classy and timeless pieces, I love your choices. I need to get something in Burberry someday! I don’t have any Longchamp either. Thanks!

  21. I just love your style and fashion. My taste is very similar to yours. The OTG bags are so awesome as well as the Longchamp. The Burberry scarf looked so lightweight for every season to wear. And the sunglasses are so fashionable to wear especially here in Hawaii.

  22. So many cute ideas. Hubby collects great looking watches so I’m always on the hunt for good options, and this one is a contender. I love that black and whit scarf for him… that might find its way over to the hers side of the closet!

  23. I love the great luxury gift ideas for him and her. I am thinking I am going to put one of the David Yurman bracelets on my list.

  24. These suggestions are awesome! It can be so hard to select the perfecf gift, but this helped to clear things up for me!

  25. I’m always inspired by what you post and love the ideas of all the gifts! It’s different, fun, and includes an array of items. Not to mention loving how each item is so versatile for anyone ! Thanks!

  26. Great ideas, as always!!! I have a scarf addiction, but just never feel like it’s cool enough to wear them. That doesn’t stop me from buying them though!!

  27. I’m fairly new to your channel and I love love love it! I have picked many different great ideas for organization!! You have a great taste!

  28. Thank you for your beautiful giveaways. I can’t wait to pass my nursing board to i can purchase some luxury goods like yours. Have a bless day

  29. This gift guide is awesome!!! Thinking I need to “gift” myself a few of these things!!! I’ve been very good this year!!!

  30. I Think you are such an amazing inspirational person, thank you for the amazing ideas, and your giveaway are just tooo good, I hope to win and good luck to everyone , may God bless you and your family<3

  31. I had no idea what to buy my bf until you mentioned the wallet- he has been using the same one for 6 years so he definetely needs a new one! Great gift guide 🙂

  32. You have such great taste and are so classy, Anyone(including myself) would love to be on your gift list!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win a higher end gift.

  33. Love that you have options for guys too! I always seem to forget about clothes for guys as a present but it’s such a good idea especially if they don’t like to shop for themselves

  34. Thank you for the video on the gift guide. I loved it so many great gift ideas. Really considering getting the luggage for me I just love it. ❤

  35. Love David Yurman! I have a few pieces and def want to add to my collection. I’m loving the bracelet. It’s timeless and classy! Love your gift guide! Thanks for sharing.

  36. I love your luggage I love your style I need a second and third job to buy half of the stuff that you get but I love watching your videos I just got to find your YouTube page and I’m already subscribed please keep on putting on videos like this