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bowflex c7 review

It feels amazing to be getting into a workout routine that I love. My home gym and Bowflex machines have allowed me to get a full body workout all in the comforts of my home. My personal trainer recommends I end each workout with some cardio on my Bowflex Max Total and/or Bowflex c7 bike. Seeing as I use these machines so often and you all keep asking me about them I thought I would give an updated Bowflex c7 review, so let’s jump in!

What is the difference between C6 and C7 Bowflex?

Let’s start off this Bowflex c7 review with a quick comparison to the Bowflex c6. They both offer the same as far as workout and equipment, where they are different is the Bowflex c7 has an added 7″ HD touchscreen monitor. This allows you to take your workout experience up a notch. You can access fitness streaming and more making your workout a little easier and more advanced. I notice having a screen on a workout machine makes it easy for me to stay on longer and enjoy the workout a little more.

Can you watch Netflix on Bowflex C7?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on the Bowflex c7 bike!! In addition to fitness streaming, the 7″ HD touchscreen allows you to access Netflix, Hulu, and several other options for entertainment during your ride. This is exactly why I can find myself staying on a little longer than I thought I would. It’s easy to get lost in a movie or your favorite show while you are working out on the Bowflex c7 bike.

bowflex c7 review

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Is a Bowflex bike worth it?

IMO, this is one of the best bike options on the market especially since right now it’s $500 off! I love how compact this bike is. If you are wanting to add a piece of cardio equipment to your home and don’t have a lot of space, the Bowflex c7 is the perfect piece of equipment. I love that it comes with a set of dumbbells with the perfect spot for storing to add a little upper body workout to your ride.

We’ve had zero issues with our Bowflex c7 bike. It’s also important to note how adjustable it is. I am 5’1″ and my husband is 6″ and we both can use it comfortably. So, I hope you walk away from this Bowflex c7 review knowing this bike is worth it! It’s a great size, offers everything you need in a cardio bike and with the added 7″ HD touchscreen you have access to everything you need.

bowflex c7 review

Is the Bowflex Max worth it?

I know this is a Bowflex c7 review, but we have to talk a little about my Bowflex Max Total. It was actually my first cardio machine from Bowflex and we still use it on a regular basis. It’s a little more of a workout than your typical elliptical. My trainer said it’s a cross between an elliptical and a stairclimber so it gives a much better workout.

If you want to compare the Bowflex c7 and the Bowflex Max Total, the Max Total has a much larger footprint. It’s not a small piece of equipment but it is one heck of a workout. I feel it in my whole body after being on the Bowflex Max Total. The one con I will mention is we were one of the first to get the Bowflex Max Total. We did have a few issues with the computer system initially but it was all worked out and have had no issues since. So, is the Bowflex Max worth it? I’d say, yes!! I can burn more calories and get a better workout on the Bowflex Max Total quicker than other ellipticals out there.

I hope you enjoyed this Bowflex c7 review. I’ve been really happy overall with both pieces of equipment. The Bowflex Max Total is a full body workout and the Bowflex c7 is such a great piece to add that doesn’t take up a lot of space while offering everything you need in a piece of cardio equipment. We also have the adjustable kettlebell which gets a ton of use. Next on the list is this adjustable dumbbell. Check out more equipment and workout accessories from Bowflex here.

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  1. I have gone to their website so many times since I saw yours. I want one so bad since my treadmill broke, watching Netflix is a plus lol