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If you love luxury, you’ve definitely heard the name Hermès. A lot of you may not know that Hermes started in the early nineteenth century providing saddlery to the world’s elite. In the early 1950s, the first Hermès bag was introduced and the rest is history! Hermès is now a well-known designer brand that everyone is dying to get their hands on. Let’s take a look at the exclusivity of Hermès handbags, and also do a side-by-side review of two classic Hermès bags.

Why is Hermès so popular?

Hermès bags are some of the most sought-after designer bags on the market, now more than ever. Beyond the price tag, Hermès bags are a lot harder to get your hands on than most people realize. If you’re thinking you can just walk into a Hermès boutique and buy any Hermès bag, you are mistaken. Most of the Hermès boutiques don’t even have a bag in the store and if they do, you will definitely not see it out on display. In addition to this, customers are often held to a strict limit. Many long-term customers may even put in a request for a specific bag, but those requests often go unfulfilled for years. Some locations even require a minimum purchase of other items before they allow you to buy a handbag.

Exclusivity is one of the main reasons Hermes is so highly coveted. If you are offered a bag, it may not be in the color or size that you want. Some think you MUST say yes, regardless. It’s been told, if you pass up the opportunity, you may not be offered another. Some question this tactic, myself included. Is it really worth the hassle. Should you play the Hermes game. That’s for you to decide, but for me I went a different route. I now have 3 Hermes Birkin’s in my collection. All were purchased brand new but from a reseller. If you want a Hermes bag, you have to decide… the Hermes game or pay a premium to have what you want sourced for you. Either way, it’s not your average handbag purchase.

 Today we will be taking a look at the Hermès Gold and the Hermès Etoupe color. These are both permanent colors in the Hermès color line and both are perfect neutrals. These are my top colors when it comes to Hermes. Now, let’s dive in!

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Hermès Gold

Hermès Gold is one of the most in-demand colors when it comes to Hermès. Did you know, the Hermès Birkin bag was originally made popular in the 1950s by Grace Kelly, and this buttery tan color can easily be styled with both light and dark colors, even black! This was my #1 color choice from day one. It’s classic, timeless and can be styled so any different ways. It’s also a great year round color.

When it comes to the color, it is definitely neutral with a rich, warm undertone. I also have the Oran sandals in the same color, however, the color is slightly different since it’s a different leather. I’d keep this in mind when shopping for other items in the same color. Colors will vary based on leather type and finish.

I love the way this color looks styled. It’s a dynamic color and literally goes with everything. It’s rich, vibrant yet elegant. All in all, this gold sets the standard when it comes to classic neutrals and is a staple in my luxury handbag collection!

hermes bag hermes bag

Hermès Etoupe

Another very popular and permanent color is Etoupe. This is a beautiful, versatile, neutral color with a cooler undertone, compared to gold. I would consider it a true taupe – the perfect blend of gray and brown. If you put it next to gold, it is going to read cool, but if you put it next to something on the cooler side, it is definitely going to read a lot more neutral. It’s very versatile and I felt like the undertone of this was very different from the gold, that’s why I wanted to add it to my collection! I wanted something very different but still neutral.

I call this color the perfect chameleon color. It changes depending on how you style it. I’ve styled it so many different ways and the undertone of this bag seems to shift to highlight the pieces that it’s being paired with. You can see some examples in the video below. It’s a really fun but still neutral color.

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