Top 10 Amazon Buys


Facial Steamer

1. I decided to order this facial steamer after #9 arrived and said one was recommended. This one is a #1 best seller, has great reviews and was on prime so I snagged it. I think an at home facial is in order!

Voluspa Candle

2. I had to order another one of these candles. It smells so good and really fills the air. It’s become one of my favorite candles. The jar is so pretty too!

V-Neck Tee Shirt

3. Okay y’all. If you are looking for some closet basics I’ve found some new ones that I love. The fit, feel and comfort is exactly what you need in a basic and it comes in a ton of color options.

Pajama Pants

4. How cute are these pajama pants. When I saw the print I had to have them. Oh, and they are so soft too!

Portable Charger

5. I ordered a larger version of this charger a while back and decided I needed to snag up the smaller version for my handbag. This one is perfect and will give you 2-3 full charges. This is a must and could end up being a huge lifesaver.

Essential Oil Diffuser

6. I’ve been needing to replace my diffusers for a while now and order a couple of new ones. This once was so affordable I had to give it a try. It’s currently in my bedroom and I am loving it.

Scotch Guard

7. The new breakfast room chairs arrived and they needed to be scotch guarded so I ordered this 4 pack to protect them. Scotch guard is a must for fabric furniture when you have kiddos or pets.

Lazy Daze Tee

8. This tee is perfect for lounging but can’t wait to style it later too. I went up a size for a medium fit and I love it. It’s comfy, casual and cute.

Blackhead Vacuum

9. I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a while now. Since we aren’t getting our usual beauty treatments done I thought I’d do a little at home maintenance. I use the steamer and this together to help with congestion.

84 oz Water Bottle

10. Are y’all sick of seeing this yet? It’s been a major favorite lately. I need all the help I can get when it comes to drinking water throughout the day. I love that I can now see my progress.


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