Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her + Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

1 – I have this bag in the olive color and it’s so good. I love the idea of gifting this soft pink color(or really any color) for V-day! It’s such a practical bag for moms, students, travelers or any bag lover. It would be a great gift.

2 – I am a lover of robes, BUT I am also picky and this one is so soft, cozy and perfect for me time. Which let’s be honest most women need. If your lady wants some me time, give her this, she will thank you!

3 – I came across this initial necklace and fell in love. It’s a little bit of a splurge, but she’s worth it and I think it would be such a thoughtful gift. You can give her her own initial or maybe even yours and you will always be with her!

4 – Speaking of me time, this one is the perfect combo with #2. Luxury blankets have been my new weakness. EVERY woman should own one. She will take it with her everywhere. Grab her favorite color and you’re good to go!

5 – Now this is something you both can enjoy. This scent is seriously heavenly. It’s feminine, sexy, delicate but so perfect for day or night AND not too heavy. It’s seriously been my go-to. Plus, if she’s smelling yummy, you can enjoy it too. Win win!!

6 – Maybe she’s not into robes, but I guarantee she would love a nice pajama set and these are my favorite. I bring them up a lot(I know), but they really are such a great gift. I personally LOVE getting one of these sets.

7 – One of my favorite jewelry brands is offering jewelry sets right now and they are such an amazing deal. I am actually wearing these earrings and this ring in the pics below. They seriously have some of the best jewelry at such amazing prices. They even offer a luxury line now. I’m linking a few other favorites in the widget under the collage, so check those out too!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

1 – I love the bottom compartment on this bag. It’s perfect for an extra pair of shoes, gym bag, etc. Every man should have a go-to bag and I love the way this one is set up. It comes in other colors too.

2 – This pullover is one of my favorites for men. They are so perfect for casual weekends or to throw on over your work clothes at the end of the day. Plus, it’s so soft.

3 – Whether your man wear a tie every day to work or never at all. It is always good to have one or two good ones to reach for just in case. I love the subtle pattern on this one. It’s so classic and real men wear pink!!

4 – My hubby has recently fallen in love with his house slippers. He doesn’t walk around the house without them now. These are things men wouldn’t usually buy for themselves, but they love them ladies, they do!

5 – I was going through my husbands colognes and I remembered when I purchased him this one. I had to share it with you, it smells so amazing. It’s my favorite of his current collection for sure. This is another win-win for you both. He smells good, which means…HE SMELLS GOOD!!

6 – I love to recommend practical gift, especially when it comes to men and this one is so practical. Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard grilling, playing football in the cul-de-sac, hanging in the driveway with the neighbors or riding around on the golf cart. This speaker is so practical. He will take it with him everywhere.

7 – Okay, so I will admit, my husband isn’t a boogie shaver but some men are. They love a good shaving set like we love a good facial. If that’s your man…this place is the best. They have starter sets and customized sets for whatever he prefers and it all smells so amazing.


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  1. Love all your recommendations! I have a question about the Soma pj’ the bottom parts around the ankle stay down? I’ve almost given up on pj’s because nearly every pair I get the ankle/foot part rolls up and it bothers me to the point I can’t sleep!

  2. Absolutely love all the ideas for the men. My favorite one is the radio because I really think it’s so practical and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. Amazing gift thanks girlie 🎁🙌🏼😍