10 Home Favorites You’ll Love

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, LuxMommy shares her top 10 favorite home must-haves.

Who else is currently redecorating all the things at your house? When I look at pictures from years ago I honestly don’t even recognize my home. It’s so different and I still have a ways to go. I will say though, I’ve never loved my home as much as I do now and that’s because I am not even done. I did it my way, the way I wanted to do it and I took my time. It’s taking a while but it’s getting there slowly but surely. I thought I would share some of my current home favorites.

10 Home Favorites You’ll Love


Glass Lamp Base

I’ve been eyeing these lamps for while to be honest. I don’t know why I didn’t buy them right away, the price is AMAZING but I hesitated and I actually bought something else. Guess what, I didn’t love the other lamps, so they were a waste of money(and more expensive) so I ordered these and LOVE THEM! They are so good and look way more expensive than they are.

Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

I’ve needed new pillows for our bed for a while now and I will be honest I was so reluctant to buy more. I ordered some(that I shared with y’all) several months back and I loved them…..initially. And then, not so much. I was so bummed and then disappointed that I shared them with y’all. I care about the things I share with y’all. My girlfriend actually recommended these hotel collection gel pillows to me and I decided to buy them and NOT share them with y’all until I knew they were good. It’s safe to say, they are SO GOOD. They keep their shape, don’t lump up and feel cooling when on them. They are so good y’all and a great price for a two pack.

Laundry Detergent

Okay, so this laundry detergent has been on many home favorites but it’s just that good and I am still obsessed so I am going to keep including it. It’s a reminder to you all, how much I love it. It’s so good! It smells amazing and lasts on your bedding until they need to be washed again. It’s a little bit of a splurge, I know, but you can cut it with another unscented detergent to make it last longer. Do it, try it…trust me!

Narrow Bookshelf

I’ve had a lot of y’all ask about my new bookshelves in my filming room. These narrow book shelves are perfect in smaller spaces or when you just want a little touch of decor in a room. They really look high end and I love how tall they are. I ordered two and put one on each side of my vanity and it fills up the area perfectly.

Faux Flowers

Seriously, the BEST faux flowers I’ve ever seen. These look and feel so real. I ordered one pink and one white bouquet and I will be ordering more. If you are super picky when it comes to faux flowers you need to try these. They will not disappoint you. They come in other colors too.

Tissue Holder

This is another repeat, but I just ordered a couple more and it reminded me how awesome these acrylic tissue holders are. I have one in every single room in my home and no matter what they style they work. They don’t clutter up a space and they look so lux. It’s little details like this in a space that make a difference.

Wooden Counter Stool

My new counter stools were one of the best purchases I’ve made with the kitchen remodel. They are so comfortable, easy to clean and look amazing. The boys on the daily and I don’t have to worry about messes or them ruining anything fancy. They are perfect for a house with kiddos.

Cushion Vanity Bench

This tufted vanity bench was the find I’ve been looking for. I love the way it looks paired with my vanity set up. It’s cute, a little glam and super comfortable to sit in. I could see two of them side by side as an end of bed bench too!


These are the lampshades I decided to go with for the lamps I shared earlier. They paired perfectly at a great price as well. I love the nailhead trim detail, it’s that little detail that makes the lamp different but complete. If you’re looking for some new lamps, I’d try these. I love mine.

Area Rug

I’ve received so many questions about the new rug in my filming area. This area rug comes in a few colors and several sizes so if you love the print I am sure you can find one that fits in your space. It looks great and I think the price is really good for the size options. Mine is holding up very well and it’s really comfy under the feet but not too plush either.


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