3 Self Love Goals I am Working on Now


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The last few years I’ve made more of an effort to check in with myself. I think sometimes we get stuck into routines, doing things we are “supposed” to do, taking care of others and we forget to check in with ourselves. I’ve grown so much as a person since I started this blog and part of that is because of this blog. It’s almost forced me to self reflect and for that I am so grateful. I always talk about how starting LuxMommy has changed my life but I don’t mean what most people assume. It’s truly allowed me to find myself. I was able to see myself from a different perspective, from your perspective and really ask myself what makes me happy. I’ve always been the type A personality. I like to do things right and give it my all. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not changing but I can change my perspective a little and give myself the same love and grace I extend to others. Here are 3 self love goals I am working on right now.

Love Myself Just the Way I am Now

Over quarantine I gained about 10 pounds. That’s not a lot at all, but for someone my size it’s noticeable. Yes, I have quarantine to blame but at the end of the day it did’t matter why I gained the weight, I just did. I’ve busted my butt this past year trying to get it off. I worked out regularly with a personal trainer, made better food decisions and just ultimately felt horrible about myself. I realized that if I continue to workout only because I care about what I look like versus what I feel like things are probably never going to get better. So, will I continue to workout and make better food decisions?! Yes! BUT, I want to do it for my health and not for how my jeans fit. I can buy bigger jeans but I need to love myself even with the extra 10 pounds!

Not Make Excuses for Indulging from Time to Time

I noticed something about myself recently. I even did it as recently as yesterday. If I decide to eat dessert, have a high calorie/sugar drink(chai tea) I will make excuses for why I deserve it. I don’t have chai teas as often as I used to. I think I’ve had one in the last two weeks, so if I do decide to indulge in one from time to time I don’t need to explain myself why I am “allowed” to have one. This goes for when I am sharing on social media but also when I am justifying it to myself. I need to recognize and start to work on my relationship with food. I’ve always justified a treat after a busy day or tell myself I needed something to put me in a better mood. I am not saying if I want something indulgent not to have it, I am just saying that the mindset that I need to explain myself isn’t healthy. If I want a chai once every week or two I should be able to enjoy it without feeling guilty. I want to work on this mindset that I have with food and start working on having a healthy relationship with food to fuel my body.

Talk to Myself the Way I Would Talk to a Friend

This is going to be a tough one. I make an effort with every friendship/relationship that I have to speak honestly but with love. I am always aware of how I might make the person I am speaking to feel. But, I don’t do this with myself. I would never say some of the things that I say/thing to myself about myself to anyone else but I have seem to become way to comfortable treating myself that way. It’s so sad how we get so comfortable putting ourselves down but would never say that to someone else. A quick look in the mirror can initiate a thought that I need to learn to undo. I want to look at myself in the mirror and see the good and not look for the bad. I’ve started catching these thoughts and saying them again to myself the way I’d say them to you. It’s not easy but the way I talk to myself and think about myself needs to change. I need to lift myself the way I’d lift a friend and that’s not going to be easy but it’s something I need to work on.

I know this is a little different for the blog, it’s not my typical fashion content but I felt the need to share this. If I am being honest, I am sharing more for me so I can be more accountable with these goals. If I write it down then it’s official, it’s not just a thought in my head. I really want to work on these 3 things and maybe we can work on them together if you struggle in these areas too. Let me know if you enjoy this type of content. I’d love to share more. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love this! Such a great reminder to be kind to ourselves! I highly recommend the book/audiobook by Mel Robins The High Five Habit—she has some great wisdom about how to do just these things!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I struggle with wanting to indulge in sweets. As I shouldn’t because I am a diabetic. And I lost my babe sister 2 years ago ( @ age 48, and my mom @age 45) both untimely deaths. And I have out lived them both ( I’m 52 now) I really do try to eat better. And I do allow myself to have my chai’s every day or whenever I want it. My reasoning is this. I have lost ppl that I was expecting to still be here. Life is short, and I refuse to deprive myself of anything I want. That’s just me ❤️

  3. Hi! I can definitely relate to gaining weight during quarantine and my goals are similar. It’s been a struggle but I’m doing better.

    I love this kind of content, love knowing more about you because then I don’t feel alone on this. It’s hard!