Affordable Bedroom Refresh

Who’s ready for an affordable bedroom refresh?! I love changing things up around here and it was time to do something a little different in my bedroom. I want to do a full bedroom tour soon, but I am still working on the bay window area. The space isn’t working for me now and I can’t decide if I want to do a sitting area or maybe another workspace. I love the idea of having an extra work space in the house, but I know a sitting area would probably look best. I am just not sure if I’d actually using it for sitting and I would really like the space to be functional too. You know how I am about functionality.

Okay, let’s dive into this affordable bedroom refresh and check out the changes I’ve made around here!

Clean and Bright is my Goal

I love a clean bright space, it just feels so clean and fresh to me, so I wanted to keep that vibe in here. I really wanted this space to be calming and light, so I kept with a soft palette of white and greys. I’ve been loving Walmart’s throw pillows lately. They have so many options with tons of texture. I stacked several together to create a casual but still elegant look on the all white bedding. I added this super soft throw blanket also from Walmart to the edge of the bed. The second I put it down Lexy went straight too it. It’s fur-baby approved!!

Functionality is key

I am all about functionality so I had to add these baskets to my side of the bed. It’s the perfect spot to put throw pillows when not in use or for extra blankets. I like it very cold at night, so I always reach for an extra blanket or two too cuddle up in. Oh and I have to mention these new lamps. They are such a great find and look way more expensive than they are. They are the perfect size for night stands. I still have a ton of room for tissue, a candle and other bedtime essentials.

What room are you refreshing in your home next? I would love to work on my sitting room next. I am not sure what I want to do in there, but I do know I will be checking out Walmart first! If you’re looking to refresh your home this Summer make sure to check out Walmart’s Home Summer collection. They have something for every style right on budget.

Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you to Walmart for Sponsoring this post.

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