My Equipment for YouTube + Blog

Houston top fashion blogger shares the filming and lighting equipment used for her blog and youtube channel.

I get asked all the time what equipment I use for my YouTube channel and for my blog. I thought I’d put a post together sharing all my current equipment and why I bought them. Keep in mind, if you are just starting out, you don’t need all of this. I repeat….YOU DON’T NEED ALL OF THIS! I started filming on my iphone and grew into this. If you are starting a blog or YoTube channel, I actually don’t recommend you invest in expensive equipment until you have a chance to test the waters first. The learning curve for this equipment can be overwhelming, so I recommend baby steps. With that said, I do have some equipment that I recommend if you are newer to this space or when you are ready for an upgrade. So, let’s dive in!

My Equipment for YouTube + Blog

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This was one of my first investments. I highly recommend you invest in a ring light early on, even if you film on your phone. They make a HUGE difference and I really like this one. I’ve had this one for years and it’s held up great and still going strong. The light is adjustable and it’s lightweight.


This is my current vlogging camera, but it’s also the camera I recommend when you want an upgrade from your phone but you’re not ready for something over $1000. This one is a great camera. It has autofocus, the auto settings are great and it doesn’t overheat. There are a lot of vlogging cameras out there, this one is the best IMO.

3. Rode Microphone

This Rode Mic was one of my most recent upgrades. I think most cameras offer a great internal microphone so this step isn’t a must right away. Do I recommend it, yes, has audio been the biggest issue with my quality since I switched to an external mic, also yes. Audio is a weakness for me, but I am happy with my decision to add this Rode mic to my equipment.

4. 50MM Lens

This 50 mm lens is my go to for photography. It creates beautiful backgrounds and realistic images for fashion photos. It’s also very affordable in the lens world. If you are focusing more on fashion photography, this is a great buy.

5. LED Light Panels

In the beginning I recommend natural light(to cut down equipment costs),but eventually you will need to invest in lighting and these light panels have been amazing. The size is great for storing and you can adjust them for each space you are filming in. They are also very easy to use and set up. I originally started out with these light boxes, but upgraded to these and have been happy with my decision.

6. 18-35 MM Lens

My go to YouTube lens that I’ve had for a while now and still love. It’s got a great range(18-35MM), the perfect blurry background and amazing quality. It’s a little bit of a splurge but worth it if you are really wanting a step up in quality I highly recommend this lens.

7. Canon Camera Body

This camera line from Canon is my go to.  I have the 80D and 90D. I still use the 80D for YouTube and the 90D for photography. This line is easy to learn to use, even for the technologically challenged. It offers autofocus, which is a must IMO and you can get any lens you want to attach.


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