Friday 5 Favorites 2/12/2021

Houston top fashion blogger shares the weekly Friday 5 favorites

Just ordered Thai and Sushi for lunch. Couldn’t decide so I picked a restaurant that has both…haha!! A little pad se ew and 2 hand rolls, I am so excited! I just couldn’t bare getting out in this weather. It is currently 36º but feels like 27º. I live in Texas for a reason….lol. Okay, let’s go ahead and get to this week’s favorites!



Cozy BFD Robe

Did I mention it’s been cold here and this cozy robe is a MUST HAVE for me when it’s cold. It’s super soft and cozy. It comes in a ton of colors and washes and dries well too. If you’re looking for a cozy robe or you just like having robe options, this is a must have especially during the colder months!

Dishes Set

I’ve been wanting new dishes for years. I don’t know why I haven’t bought any but it was time. I figured enough had been broken from my current set that I could justify getting new ones. This dishes set is too good. I love the color and the subtle detail. They are the perfect everyday set and kid friendly, since they are affordable. I also love that this set didn’t come with mugs, who uses that many mugs anyways…lol.

Nude Lipstick(almost bare)

Who isn’t looking for the perfect nude lipstick?! I know I did for a very long time until I discovered this one. It’s seriously the perfect shade and the best formula. It’s a daily go to for me no matter what I layer on top or even if I wear it alone. It feels really nice on the lips too.

1.25″ Curling Iron

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my curls lately and had to include my 1.25″ curling iron in this week’s favorites. It creates the perfect curl and they last forever. It’s also UNDER $50 which is a huge bonus.

Tinted Sunscreen

Y’all know how much I love skincare and taking care of my skin, but the one thing that is a must for EVERYONE is sunscreen. I’ve been using this tinted sunscreen for several months and love it. It has a pump, making it super easy to apply and it’s slightly tinted. It doesn’t give much coverage but it has been proven that a tinted sunscreen is best if you have any pigmentation or melasma that you are protecting. I just ordered another tube, it’s a new skincare must have for me.


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