Friday 5 Favorites 3/26/2021

Has this been a crazy week for anyone else or is it just me?! I was thinking about scheduling a massage this weekend. It’s been well over a year since I’ve gotten one. I think typing this out has convinced me. I am going to call and schedule and appointment. I might even ask for a two hour session!! HAHA!! Any who, check out this week’s favorites. Lots of affordable finds and a new favorite perfume!



Woven Storage Bin Set

I have been wanting a new organization solution for my bedroom side table. I often do my LED mask and other things while I am in bed. I also like to have my essential oils, body body butter available and this woven storage bin set was the perfect solution. It looks cute on my side table too!!

Confidential Stamp

I also recently ordered this confidential stamp to use to block out information for contracts, mail and other private paperwork. It’s been so much better than shredding documents. Now, I can recycle the paperwork once all the confidential information is covered.

No Show Socks

I’m pretty picky when it comes to socks. I have a specific brand that’s been my favorite for about two years now, but I’ve been on the hunt to try to find a more affordable solution to share with you. I’ve found it. These no show socks are awesome and more affordable than my others. I think they are just as good too. I ordered this 4 pack to have some different color options and love that I have options.

Sanitas Moisture Mist

I started a new skincare technique using this moisture mist a few weeks ago and love how my skin has been. If you are dry or dehydrated this is a great way to add some moisture into your skin before you start applying your skincare. I like to spray a little in between serums and they soak in so nicely. Key takeaway is, don’t apply skincare to dry skin. You need to add hydrating before you apply serums and moisturizers and this is a great way to do it!

AnOther 13 Eau de Parfum

I finally added Another 13 to my perfume collection and I am in love. It’s so unique to the other options that I have. I just feel luxurious when I am wearing anything from LeLabo. This one is both feminine and masculine at the same time but it just works. It also lasts all day long!


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