Friday 5 Favorites 8/7/2020

Houston fashion and lifestyle blogger, LuxMommy, shares her weekly Friday 5 Favorites.

It’s Friday and it feels so good. Seriously, it’s the most beautiful day outside. It’s been an eventful week over here y’all. I was stung by red wasps….4 TIMES!! No joking. Once on Tuesday and 3 times on Wednesday. We even had someone come spray on Tuesday and they didn’t want to leave so I had to take matter into my own hands and get rid of them by hand. They are gone but I don’t think I will be putting the front door wreath back up. They were attracted to my wreath and even though they built a nest above the front door they would hang out inside my wreath. Any who, I am on the mend. No more pain, they just itch. I just hope they don’t leave a scar.

Okay, enough about me, let’s get to the Friday 5 favorites!



Hydrating Hair Mask

This has been a favorite hydrating hair mask of mine since it launched. It makes my hair feel so soft and frizz free. You can use it as a daily conditioner(just use less) or a weekly mask treatment. It’s so hydrating and a must have in my shower.

Fedora Straw Hat

Y’all, I now have 3 of these fedora straw hats…white, beige and brown and I love them all. This is THE BEST HAT I’ve ever found. The price is amazing and it’s so flattering and that is coming from someone that doesn’t generally look good in hats. I know you think that’s not true, but that’s only because this hat looks so good. Seriously, try it, it’s a must have.

Eye SerumĀ 

When it comes to eye products I want de-puff and hydration and this eye serum does the trick for me. Don’t forget you can also use CODE LUXMOMMY to save a little! I love that this serum has the built in applicator. It’s easy and feels amazing on the skin.

Basic V-Neck Tee

Just another basic tee share with y’all. This has been a go to basic tee for a while. The material is soft, flowy and feels so good on. I love the cut and fit too. They run tts, I wear small.

Black Sunglasses

I don’t go outside with sunnies because I have sensitive eyes and I want to block the sun from my eye area so I like to have a variety to choose from. I used to only buy designer shades and recently I have found I actually prefer more affordable sunnies. This black on black pair is chic and sporty and like $15!!


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