Epic Luxury Unboxing + GIVEAWAY

I’ve been so excited to share this unboxing with y’all. I hope you’ve had a chance to watch the YouTube video to see what this is all about. I (along with Ebay) am giving away TWO LOUIS VUITTON items. Eeeekkkkk!!! I am actually more excited about this than getting a new Louis Vuitton for myself! This is my way of saying Thank you. Thank you for every like, comment, follow, view…all of it. This journey has been much more than I ever could have dreamed of and I am so happy to have you all along with me.

I also want to say thank you so much to Ebay for letting me choose a bag to giveaway to you all. This handbag(watch the video to see what you will win) was hand selected by me from their pre-loved luxury section. Ebay has am entire selection(check it out here) that offers worry free 100% authentic luxury handbags. Y’all the prices are amazing. Whether you are looking to save some money on something on shelves now or trying to find a hard to find vintage piece you have to check out Ebay’s selection. They carry everything from Chanel, Gucci, Fendi to Hermes and more. I suggest you check back regularly, the inventory is constantly changing.


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Thank you to Ebay for partnering with me on this Giveaway and thank you to each and every one of you for stopping by!

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  1. Shut the front door ! This giveaway is epic . Not only have ALWAYS want this LV since it came out but you’re giving one away .. I can’t breathe ! The YouTube video was epic . Thank you

  2. I have lived in Houston my entire life so I know how very hot and unpredictable the weather can be here. And I first saw a look book by you and fell in love because your outfits are not only awesome but reflect that Southern Texas and yes Truly Houston style. After that I was hooked so thanks for the outfit ideas so much. Just wanted you to know they are really appreciated and definitely used.

  3. You so sweet and pretty, you are my inspiration to feel beautiful even when I have kids….love ya❤????????????????????????????

  4. Congratulations Beautiful ❣❣
    This Is An Awesome Giveaway ~
    Goodluck To All The Beautiful Participants ❣❣
    Thank You LuxMommy For All The Fashion Forward Luxe Styles You Share With Us❣❣

  5. Congrats Amanda! What an amazing giveaway! You are glowing, so beautiful inside and outside, love how happy and grateful you are! Love you! ♥️

  6. Still waiting anxiously for you to have a meet and greet! Please let us know if you are planning something for the upcoming year ???? also wish this year you have a collab with Sona and create beautiful PJ sets ! Wouldn’t that be so fun !! ???? XOXO

  7. I would love to win the bag I follow u on Instagram and youtube.dont have a YouTu be page .hope to win love your videos

  8. Thank u so much Amanda for the opportunity to win such an amazing Giveaway!! Congrats on your accomplishment and I’m so proud of you!!

  9. Amanda, I hope I win! I probably will never pull the trigger and buy my own. With 6 kids I just cant do it, lol. Thanks for having the giveaway, it’s very generous of you. Seriously love you and your chanel. All my love and well wishes, annie

  10. I love watching all your video. Found you last year when I binch watched all the luxury bag video of which I can’t afford but love to have eye candy watching all the video.

  11. Hi Amanda,

    I love to watch your videos. You have inspired me to work hard and do better in life!

    You always have a smile and I can see you enjoy what you do, And of course I love how organize you are ! I am the same way in that aspect in life !

    Thank You !!
    Marisol Vadi

  12. Amanda, I’m so happy for you! You deserve all the success that has come ur way!!! You’ve stayed true to yourself and are the nicest to your followers. I’m a LV girl at heart too and that’s how I found u many moons ago; can’t believe it’s 3 years since u started ur blog! By the way it is so well made because it is so easy to navigate thru. Thank u for all ur inspo. I would love the pochette Métis. I would love to finally own a LV bag !! Look forward to meeting u at ur next meet up in Houston. Keep rocking it! ????????❤️????

  13. Omg you are so kind and generous always thinking of us and we are so grateful!! I follow you here on your blog and YouTube I don’t have social media but always waiting for you to upload. Thank you!!

  14. this is amazing!!!! I LOVE the pochette Metis. You are so deserving of your continued success Amanda. Love your style <3

  15. this is amazing!!!! I LOVE the pochette Metis. Congrats on your huge success!!! Always love your effortless and chic style <3 Love, Barbara A

  16. this is amazing!!!! I LOVE the pochette Metis. Congrats Amanda!!!! Always love your effortless and chic style <3 Love, Barbara A

  17. You are super sweet! This is dope! I am also a LV kind of gal and I would love to have one of these pieces in my collection! ????????

  18. im in love whit this bag!!! OMG!!! let me make my dream come true!!! i realy hope ti be the winner , and im gonna turn on all the candles that i can find! (lol)

  19. You are an amazing person with an amazing soul! Thanks for all you are doing for us!!! ????????????

  20. Thank you so much Amanda for this incredibly generous giveaway.As I commented on your video, I am very interested in the Pochette Métis. Good luck to everyone. 🙂 ????

  21. Very generous! I look at your bag and I’m always drooling over it! ????????Just very hard to shop luxury right now. I hope I’m the lucky winner!

  22. Thank you so much for giving us all this opportunity!!! Along with the Neverfull, the Pochette Metis is on my wishlist. I would love to own that bag!! Your such an inspiration. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, you deserve it. Thanks again gorgeous ????❤????

  23. Hello luxmommy , I’ve been watching your YouTube station and IG for quite some time and absolutely love your aesthetic. For you to give away something of this magnitude says a lot about the kind of person you are. IF I win this handbag or not, I will continue to watch your stations.

  24. I love your videos and your style! You are too sweet and thoughtful, genuine and so positive. Congratulations on all of your success, you deserve it! I would love to win and/or watch the joy of anyone winning. I LOVE LOUIS VUITTON 🙂

  25. I love all your outfits with the Pochette Metis. It’s like the bag was made for you (like Jane Birkin haha). The selling point for your outfits is how comfy and cozy you look. Perfect for the So Cal weather over here where I live

  26. Oh, that Pochette Metis! Has been on my wish list for so long! Just looking at it makes me happy. And I can use all the happy I can get. You are a sweetheart for doing this. I now have something to look forward to! Can a person keep their fingers crossed for 14 days? We’ll see! ❤️

  27. Love your videos ! You are such a sweet lady .
    That is such a nice thing to do . Two beautiful purses .
    Keep these videos coming ! I look forward to seeing you each day you post !

  28. I pray i win this pochette metis Amanda. Please forgive me i dont know anything about twitter.I have a US address for you to send it to. You are too generous. This would be my first luxury. I am so EXCITED. OMG

  29. Awesome success story.Thank you for the opportunity to win Pochette metis I’ve been searching the preloved market. I will check out eBay for sure.

  30. Awesome success story.Thank you for the opportunity to win. I’ve been searching the preloved market. I will check out eBay for sure.

  31. Congratulations. You deserve it!!!I love all your videos and vlogs. I love your personality. You’re beautiful and amazing!❤️

  32. I love watching all your videos and didn’t know this was a giveaway but I would really love to win either bag but I prefer the Pochette Metis. Thank you

  33. Thank you so much for sharing about Ebay and the authenticity for luxury goods. In the past I have been skeptical of purchasing luxury goods from Ebay.

  34. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a awesome handbag. Good luck to all who enter. And I enjoy your channel

  35. What a generous prize! The Pochette Métis is a gorgeous. I didn’t know that Ebay had the 100% Authentic Section. Many blessings!

  36. I love watching your videos and your style is so similar to my mine, we like a lot of the same things. Congrats

  37. Whatever you recommend, I buy or I check it out! Thanks for all your ideas and the hard work on your video content!

  38. Love all your videos helps me decide on my next new bags and your fashion is amazing… I hope one day I can get that style

  39. I’ve been saving up for this bag for my moms 50th birthday and its sold put everywhere I would die if I won this bag!

  40. No, You are amazing Amanda, seriously.
    Talk about an epic give away! As for the bag,I’ve no words. I sooooo hope I am the one who wins it.

  41. LOVE your YT channel and blog posts! I’ve been following you now for almost 2 years, such an inspiration with your fashion!! Thanks for sharing!!

  42. Loved the video!!! ❤️Definitely going to check out eBay!!!!! This bag has been on my wishlist for so long I even have it on my vision board lol????

  43. I have watched you a long time because I absolutely love Louis Vuitton and you present yours in a way that makes you feel like a friend.

  44. Love, LOVE your insta! Love your information on You Tube! I look every day for your updates. Keep being you! xoxo

  45. OMG! This is such an amazing giveaway, the pochette metis is my absolute DREAM bag!! Congratulations on all of your success, you truly deserve it! As an aspiring blogger I’d be so lucky just to be half as amazing as you are!! Love following your journey!

    Instagram: @madisonhawnxo

  46. We are all so grateful for this amazing giveaway ???????????? Thanks much for being amazing and having good content in every Vlogs. And POCHETTE METIS !!! OMG ???? My ultimate dream bag and if ever my first LV bag ????????????. Thanks much again ????????????

  47. I am enjoying and receiving a lot of help from your luxurious bag and sensible style. I’m really looking forward to it.

  48. Thank you for being so sweet and giving ! Someone is going to have a dream bag and be so incredibly thankful ❤️ your a doll !

  49. Gorgeous! You’re always pretty in every outfit, love love watching your ootd’s and reviews in YouTube . Thank you for this chance of winning my dream Bag ????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️????????

  50. Watching you is an inspiration to acquire luxury things for myself and eventually pass to my kids…I built my capsule wardrobe by getting your ideas how to look chic and versatile in choosing proper outfits. Way to go luxmommy!

  51. Love your videos & love your style. Thanks for being so generous. Would love to win the pochette metis.

  52. You are so sweet and amazing. You have been such a breath of fresh air in the YouTube world. Thank you ❤️

  53. I love all your content! You are so down to earth and fun! I would love to enter your giveaway ❤️

  54. Thank you for this Giveaway!! hopefully their is a chance I can win. Congratulations for your discipline on what you love to do! Blessings.

  55. GREAT!!! I hopefully their is a chance I can win. Congratulations for your discipline on what you love to do! Blessings.

  56. Amanda this is amazing , your such a sweetie and I can’t tell you how much of a inspiration you are . Your style is impeccable, and your personality I’m drawn too . Your back story your blog is just refreshing in the YouTube world ❤️❤️ I love the crossbody it’s literally a dream bag for a girl like me , the olive clutch is to die for . Congrats on all your Success cause you deserve it all xoxo

  57. Thank you very much for doing this, I am a follower since day 1 and watching you has been so inspirational. After seeing your videos for years I decided to make my own videos, we share the live for luxury, and I’m so grateful for the awesome community online when most of us can’t really share that with people in our day to say life. Even if I don’t win, it doesn’t really matter just knowing that I can get to connect on YouTube is a win for me. Again thanks for sharing your amazing videos that I look forward to every week and for being you. Much love from California

  58. I love watching your videos especially when I’m so tired of all my studying and not having time go go out and enjoy life

  59. Thank you si much for this giveaway!! I am super excited for the chance to participate and hopefully win that beautiful PM.

  60. Thank You for this lovely giveaway. I have watched your channel grow and I’m excited to see more, definitely love your lookbooks.

  61. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous LV items and for giving us subscribers a chance to win them @luxmommy!!???? You are amazing and it would be a dream come true to win either one of these beauties and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for us subscribers not just giveaways,but the time you put into your channel and sharing your favorites and your family with us..I think you are truly incredible!!????

  62. Hey Amanda,

    I’ve been a silent viewer of your YouTube channel for about a year now. I enjoy watching your luxury handbags and SLGs unboxing videos. I have been wanting and dreaming of one day being able to own a Louis Vuitton Pochette Mettis for a long time now. I love crossbody bags and prefer them for their functionality. Congratulations on hitting 100k subscribers on Instagram, keep up the great work.


  63. Hi girl! So happy for you and your success! I love your blog and how it’s the same thing as so many others. Very true to you!

  64. I love your YouTube channel and was inspired to buy my first luxury item, a Louis Vuitton coin purse, because of your helpful videos. I have been building my luxury collection for a year now and have added a kirigami and a cosmetic pouch since then. The pochette métis is on my wishlist so it would be a dream to win it! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and giving this away. ????

  65. Love the content of your videos. Great giveaway….You are so Kind in thinking about us , your viewers. I will keep my fingers crossed too. 🙂

  66. I enjoy watching your show and i get so much inspiration from you when your showing outfits that you have put together. Also have to say enjoy seeing Petunia she always puts a smile on my face when you do a voice over. Thank you again.

  67. This is extremely generous of you! Whoever wins is going to be blessed! I would be thrilled to have either one.

  68. Would LOVE the LV bag!! You are the best Amanda! So lucky I found your amazing blog on Insta and utube!

  69. Me encanta tus vídeos, siempre saco ideas para mi vestuario. Muchas gracias por ese detalle de regalar una bolsa tan espectacular

  70. Omg this giveaway is awesome. Good luck to everyone! You were my inspiration for my first neverfull bag.

  71. I love love love your channel and style!!! You are so much fun to watch and I feel I can replicate your look without breaking the bank.

  72. Hola, soy de República Dominicana y soy tu fiel seguidora, gracias por ser tan humilde y hacer un trabajo tan bonito…

  73. Never considered looking for pre loved on eBay. Thanks for the info! Loved your video and your giveaway items!

  74. I’m always eager to see your videos. I feel you give a genuine feedback and I love your practical approach weather it’s the handbag or the shoes. You have given me so much inspiration to up my style and not feel regret after my purchases. Thank you for that and I wish you continued joy and success in everything you do. Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season…

  75. Amanda you are too funny and too cute about this giveaway you had me laughing ????????????❣️ I was thinking wait did she sell her pochette ????…. instead of picking a ???? for you, you thought of us, this just shows how big of a ❤️You have and how truly thankful you are for all of us❣️

  76. This is so amazing!! You are so super generous and sweet!! This bag is amazing and so versatile! Dress it up or down, still looks fabulous!!

  77. You are beautiful as always and so awesome for doing this give a way. I have been wanting this bag forever

  78. This video was amazing: Thanks so much for being so lovely towards your followers and treating us like family

  79. The best give away ever. Will be really really happy by winning that hand bag. Love it. And ur I also love ur videos. ????????

  80. Thank you for all that you do and for sharing with your subbies. What a special give away to have to celebrate your accomplishments. ????????????????????

  81. Hi, over the last few months I have watched several YouTube videos interested in luxury goods. For various reasons I was never moved to like or subscribe. Until today when I met you. What a delight to see someone genuinely excited to share and sincere in her comments. No pretentiousness, entitlement or sense of exclusivity. Just pure delight. I loved it. Would I love to win the beautiful bag from Ebay? Sure. But I will also be happy to see more of your videos. Best wishes for continued success.

  82. Congrats! Just discovered your channel recently and I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this giveaway!
    The first video I ever watched of yours was your Pochette Metis review 🙂

  83. Hey Amanda! Unsure if this counts as an entry but I wanted to try my luck anyway. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and am 3 months deep in to starting my new beauty business, but it is far from glamorous. I had to borrow money for my certifications because I want to provide the best service possible, and I’m now in so much debt trying to survive with my soon to be 2 daughters. That doesn’t stop me from window shopping Louis Vuitton though! I’ve been obsessed with LV since a young girl but didnt fully understand luxury as I didnt grow up around it. I own a few SLG’s and I turn 25 in May 2020. It is my goal to pay off my debt (26K) in the next 6 months (wish me luck) and then buy my first LV Bag on my birthday, but winning the Pouchette Metis omg I would honestly die. Anyway enough from me, you’ve satisfied my LV love through the screen for many years now, I wish you all the best! Love from a very tired mama! xx @esmehunt or @esmestudiobeauty

  84. Good luck to everyone! Winning either would be amazing, but definitely the Pochette Metis! Thanks Amanda for the opportunity! ❤️

  85. I’ve been watching you for the past couple of years and I look forward to reading your blog posts and watching your YouTube videos. I enjoy seeing how your blog and videos have evolved over the time.

  86. Hello Amanda,

    I have always wanted a pichette Matisse. It is one of the few styles From Louise Vuitton That I really like. I would like to be a contender to win this bag. That you. I would really appreciate it.



  87. You’re most def one of the main reason why my wish list is mainly all Louis V ???? I love how transparent you are in all of your videos! Thank you for being so genuine and generous! Xo????

  88. I love all of your videos, I live through you. You could have kept the bag for yourself but you are giving it away. So different than a lot of you tubers I watch. You have a very kind heart.

  89. Amanda I’m so excited for this giveaway❤️????❤️ I can’t wait until you announce the winner ???? the two items are amazing ????????????????

  90. I am a new follower. I love all things luxe. Your feed looks so interesting… can wait to discover more in the days and years ahead!

  91. You’re seriously lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and mommy goals! You say you don’t get it all done but I secretly think you do! Lol! Xoxo

  92. I so love that Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis! This is like the perfect bag ever! I light up each time I see it in your facebook and IG photos. Just so me…. You are so very generous to give one away..Thanks

  93. So happy for your continued success!!! I love following your blog and YouTube videos! Seriously my fashion icon ❤️