Short Suit I Didn’t Know I Needed

When it comes to suits I didn’t think much about adding a short suit to my wardrobe. That is, before I came across this one. I like to call is the short suit I didn’t know I needed.  I tried this on recently during an IG stories try on and I fell in love. Think about all the places this look would be a great alternative for a dress. Plus, it’s comfortable but still so chic. Let’s just say I am hooked and this probably won’t be the last short suit you see in my closet.

Outfit Details

Jacket – 2 | Shorts – small | Shoes | Sunglasses | Choker | Earrings | Watch | Bracelets | Handbag or here preloved

I hope y’all are having a great week. It’s currently gross and rainy, so I will be out in the rain all day. Probably the worst day to wear a linen suit, but I wanted to wear this today…lol. On another note, tomorrow on the blog I will be sharing some new skincare that I started using a few weeks ago and guys, I am obsessed. I added this eye cream and this serum to my morning and night routine. I also started using this makeup remover and you gotta try them all. I will share more tomorrow.

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  1. Love this short suit!! I am subscribed for emails for the blog, but when I receive the emails the body of the email just says, “No RSS items found”. Is anyone else having that problem?