Top 10 Soma Lingerie Favorites

Top 10 Soma Lingerie favorites featured by top US fashion blog, LuxMommy

I’ve been sharing Soma lingerie for years with you guys. It’s been no secret how much I love them. I also get a ton of questions about which items are my favorites, so I thought I’d put together a top 10 Soma lingerie favorites here on the blog. I’m also linking a few other posts throughout this roundup, in case you missed those. Please share your favorites with me too. I am always open to trying something new!

Top 10 Soma Lingerie favorites featured by top US fashion blog, LuxMommy

Top 10 Soma Lingerie Favorites

1 – This is my 3rd or 4th robe from Soma and it’s so perfect, especially for going into Summer. This one is lightweight and soft on the body. It comes in a longer length, but I prefer it in this shorter length. If you’re looking for something not so thick and heavy, I really am enjoying this one right now. I also love that the waist strap is attached at the back, so you don’t have to worry about losing it in the laundry…lol. Check out this blog post to see this robe in action. 

2 – I shared the SOMAINNOFIT with you guys a while back in this post. If you haven’t ordered this you really should try it out. I go into more details on the post, but basically it eliminates those awkward dressing room bra fittings. You can do in the comfort of your own home or at a store with your bra on. The technology is amazing. I am so impressed.

3 – Speaking of robes, I’ve been eyeing this one. First, you know I love grey, but I also love the little touch of lace on this one. I will be ordering this one soon, so figured I should recommend it here too.

4 – I am usually not a full bottom girl when it comes to undies, but I gave these a try and I am in love. They are some comfortable and more importantly they stay put. I feel like that is basically a must when it comes to a full bottom pair. If that’s ever been a problem for you or you just want comfortable undies, check these out.

5 – This bra has been a long time favorite of mine. I am pretty sure I mentioned this bra year ago on my YouTube channel. I love the little touch of padding on the shoulder strap and the full coverage of the cups. Plus, it comes in just about ever size possible.

6 – Speaking of long time favorite, these have been my go-to for the last couple of years. They honestly have been the only style in my undie drawer until recently. I love the all over lace and they really are comfortable. If you prefer a thong, give these a try.

7 – You can’t have a Soma favorites without mentioning their cool nights sleep shirts. I am literally in one right now, as I write this. They are so good and in the Spring and Summer are my preference. They will quickly be your favorites too.

8 – As I’ve gotten older a day bra or house bra as I like to call them are a must for me. This wireless bralette has become my new go-to. It’s sooooooo comfortable y’all. And, you don’t sacrifice support. Yes, comfortable and supportive. You won’t be disappointed.  Check out this post for more.

9 – This is another wireless bra that I had to mention again, I talked about it first here. I was so impressed with the support of this bra. I don’t know how, but it give you all the lift and support of a wired push up bra with no wires. It’s some kind of Soma magic. I don’t ask questions, I just say thank you! So, thank you Soma for this one.

10 – Last but not least I had to share their pajama sets. I talk about their pajama separates all the time, I seriously have a Soma collection happening but I’ve been loving their sets lately too. They make the perfect gift too.

Thank you so much to Soma for sponsoring today’s post.

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