Top 5 Household Splurges

I’ve been receiving so much feedback lately that you are loving the home content so I thought I’d put together my top 5 household splurges. I just got in my new vacuum/mop station and I love it so I had to include it in this list. It vacuums and mops at the same time. Plus, I love the white so much better with my home decor. Check out why I am loving this system and my other household splurges!


First up is the yeedi vacuum station, it vacuums and mops AT THE SAME TIME!!! It’s seriously AMAZING! You can control it from an app, it will even send you alerts if it gets stuck somewhere. It really easy to set up. You basically let it run a cycle to create your home’s map. As long as it gets a good reading that first go it will use that map for every cleaning. Make sure you pick up any messes and leave all doors open so it can navigate from room to room.

You can vacuum or vacuum and mop at the same time. Keep in mind, it will not go over area rugs if you are in mopping mode. I don’t mop everyday, but I do let it run everyday to get any tracked in dirt from the dogs. It does a great job getting into small spaces and going into every room. We’ve had a robot vacuum for a while, but I love that this one has the added mop feature. ¬†Use AMANDA15 to save 15% off, check it out here.


I am going on my second Dyson cordless vacuum and I would buy another one tomorrow if I had to. They are worth every single penny!! The cordless feature is a must for me now. I couldn’t do back to a traditional corded vacuum. I’m spoiled I know…haha!! BUT, seriously these things are magic. I also just have to say, for the sake of transparency…my two Dyson’s haven’t been perfect. I’ve had to get a part for both at one point BUT Dyson sends them for FREE!!! I love that they back up their products. when you’ve got kiddos of both human and fur you need a good vacuum cleaner and Dyson is a top choice for me. If you’ve been looking for a sign to buy one, HERE IT IS!!!


I have 4 or 5 Ruggable rugs in my home now. This pattern is my favorite in the color creme. I have three just in that patern/color. It’s a great neutral. They have a ton of styles and sizes to choose from. BUT, the biggest pro is they are machine washable and dry-able. We have gone through so many area rugs over the years due to pet accidents. Now I can remove the topper, toss it in the wash and it’s good as new.

Yes, there are some cons but the pros outweigh the cons by far. The two biggest cons are, the rugs are thick and soft. They did recently add this style that I want to try next! It’s very plush and thick, so they have options but most of them are thinner rugs. The next biggest con is they do need to be adjusted sometimes. You might get a wrinkle or the edges might come up so you need to adjust it from time to time. It’s definitely not a deal breaker but something to keep in mind. All in all, they are worth the buy for sure and I strongly recommend them if you have kids and/or pets.


I still get questions to this day about our mattress. We still love it! It’s actually my favorite mattress that we’ve ever owned. It’s the purple 4 mattress. It looks like purple has released new mattresses but you can still get the purple 4 here. I’ve linked their two newest options as well as the exact one we have above. It’s so comfortable. We’ve had it for a few years now and it’s held it shape and is still just as comfortable as it was day one. Getting a comfortable mattress is a smart investment. You don’t realize how much not getting a good night sleep can have an impact on your everyday life. I am sure there are tons of amazing options out there, this just happens to be what we have and love. If you have a mattress you love make sure to share it in the comments to share with others.


At this point I am pretty sure everyone has a video doorbell but just in case you don’t you need one. In fact, just get cameras for all over. We have them inside and outside all over and I feel so much better knowing that they are there. I can view them from my phone and even talk to the boys while I am away or a guest at the door. It really is a whole system that works together to make you and your family feel safer. We had our professionally installed to make sure they work properly and to make sure we covered all our basis. It’s an investment and we pay monthly to keep all the videos stored but it’s worth it for piece of mind. Check out the ring doorbell here and see all the other options they offer that work with your doorbell camera.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Make sure to share something you think worth splurging on in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!

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