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I get asked all the time about travel essentials and what I recommend.  So today I wanted to share my TOP 7 travel essentials for women with y’all and why I like them so much.

1 – This Longchamp bag is a major must for travel. Honestly though, it’s a must for so much more than just travel. It’s lightweight, wipeable and just easy. So, not only is it perfect for travel, but it’s a great everyday bag, mom bag, diaper bag, school bag, gym bag or just about anything else you’d need a bag for. Trust me, you’ll love it.

2 – I get asked all the time about my Louis Vuitton nice bb and if I love it. Well, the answer is YES!!! It’s a great size, you can fit so much and it’s so chic for travel. It also looks amazing on your vanity filled with your daily essentials. I’ve even seen it worn as a chic top handle bag. I primarily use mine for travel, but it’s a must have in my collection. I love how spacious it is and the vintage flare.

3 – If the nice bb isn’t your thing, this is another great option. I love to use this one for hair products when I am travel. It’s the Louis Vuitton toiletry 26 and it’s another must for me. I actually have all 3 sizes in this style, the 15, 19 and 26 and the 26 is perfect for travel. It’s HUGE and fits so much but still manages to keep its slim line shape. You’ll have this one for ever, so the cost per wear will be worth it. I use my 19 for my daily handbag essentials making the 26 perfect for travel.

4 – When it comes to traveling with my jewelry, this travel storage tray is my favorite. I love that it’s hard so I don’t have to worry about my jewelry inside. It also separates my pieces so they don’t get all tangled and it’s makes for the perfect jewelry display once I get to my destination. Did I mention, it’s affordable? Yep, it’s under $10!

5 – If Louis Vuitton isn’t in your budget, this is another great worry free travel pouch from Longchamp. It isn’t as large as the other two making it another options in general. I love how, just like the tote I mentioned earlier, it’s wipeable and lightweight.

6 – I get asked about my luggage ALL THE TIME. It’s my favorite luggage that I’ve ever owned. I of course went for the white, but it comes in a ton of color options. They also have 3 different sizes. two for carry on and one for checked. Bonus, you can personalize it! I just love this style of luggage so much. It’s held up very well too.

7 – My favorite travel duffle is my Louis Vuitton Keepall 45. I’ve owned the 50 as well but the 45 is my favorite size. I am also on the short size, I am 5’1.5″ and this size just works for me. If you own or have ever owned a keepall you know they can get heavy and the 45 doesn’t get too crazy for me.


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  1. Great post! Love them all!
    My toiletry 26 is one of my favorites.
    I can’t wait to add the nice bb to my collection.😍

  2. Definitely love are the recommendations 🖤 I’ve been debating whether or not I need the toiletry 26 but after this post … I’m set in I do!

  3. There’s just something about a longchhamp that makes it an everyday bag stylish and super cute. The jewelry storage has a great price 🙌🏼