10 Best Hostess Gifts

10 Best Hostess Gift Ideas

Are you going to a Holiday party and need to find a hostess gift? I have rounded up the 10 best hostess gifts for y’all! Check them out below. 

Recipe Cocktail Shaker 

1.  A perfect gift for some who loves to host is this $39 cocktail shaker. It would look perfect displayed on a bar cart and it has recipes built into it so they can easily make all the recipes they need.

Monogram Cheese Board 

2. I LOVE this cheeseboard. It is only $25 and the black and gold is so chic. The monogram initial at the top gives it a personal touch making it a great and thoughtful gift that they can actually use!

Serving Set 

3. Any hostess would love this simple gold serving set! It is only $28 for the spoon and the fork and is something that they will appreciate when they throw their next event!


4. You guys know I love these candles so much so I had to add them to this list! Everyone loves candles and this one comes in two different sizes and this berry sent smells so refreshing.

Decorative Bowls

5. I am loving this set of bowls! They are so detailed and are such a pretty brass color. The set costs $98 which is great because you get three. There are three different sizes so you could even break the set up into multiple gifts if you wanted to.

Agate Cheese Board 

6. This cheese board is such a statement piece and anyone who loves hosting would love this to have for events! It comes in 5 colors, and each one is unique because it is natural agate stone. I would love to get this as a gift!

Bar Tools

7. This bar tools set is such a staple for someone who loves hosting. For $88 it comes with 4 pieces and a stand in a beautiful gold and marble combo. This is another piece that would look great on a bar cart or bar cabinet!

Monogram Bottle Stopper 

8. This bottle stopper is such a simple and small gift that also has a touch of personalization to it! It is a great price at only $19 and the gold and marble look is so elegant.

Bistro Monogram Mug 

9. This is a mug that I use all the time. Any monogramed item adds a personal touch to the gift which is why this mug is perfect. It is so cute and I love the pattern so much. It is also under $15 which is perfect for a party where there may be multiple hosts!

Cheese Knives 

10.  Cheese knives are the perfect compliment to any cheese board and this set is so elegant and a great gift idea. It is a set of 3 knives for $24 and they are handcrafted so it is a great deal!

I hope this helped y’all get ready for your holiday parties coming up! What kind of Holiday parties will you guys be going to this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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