Practical Gift Guide for College Students

10 Best College Student Gifts

College Students can be challenging to shop for! You want to get them something practical that they will actually use and but also like, right? Well I have found 10 of the best gifts to give college students for y’all. 

Hour Glass

1. This hour glass comes with a little book that you read out of while the timer is going, it is a great way to remind them to take care of however they may need. It is also $25 and adds a little something to a desk or study space!

Princess Phone

2. I am OBSESSED with this old school phone. It adds to character to a dorm room or apartment as a piece of decor but it is actually functional can be used to make calls. Also the pink color is so sweet and retro.

Happy Pillow

3. This pillow is made of sherpa material and it is over 2 feet in diameter! The smiley face on the front just gives off happy and positive vibes. Perfect for a college student to snuggle up with for a nap after a day of classes and studying.

Mini Waffle Maker

4. A mini waffle maker is a must have for any college student. It is under $20 and non-stick so clean up is easy for anyone who may not have a full kitchen! It comes in a variety of colors so you can pick their favorites.


5. Finding a cute diffuser is hard to do but this one is such a nice shape and it comes in 5 colors, but the pink was my favorite! It would look nice on any counter top. It is $25 and it is dorm room or campus apartment friendly.

Pour-Over Coffee Set

6. This pour-over coffee set is such a convenient and space saving way to make coffee! It is under $25 and has such a cute print. Perfect for anyone who just needs to make single cups at a time or doesn’t have space for a full size coffee maker.

Wall Plug Diffuser

7. This diffuser is such a cool and unique type of diffuser. I am obsessed with it. It plugs in directly to the wall and doubles as a nightlight. It is also control by an app! The set is $63 and it comes with the diffuser and two essential oils.

Floor Pillow

8. Ya’ll these floor pillows are such a perfect touch to a dorm room for when friends come over and need a place to sit. These are made of sherpa material and come in three different colors. You can get two for $79 which is such a great deal.

Measuring Cups

9. Measuring cups are such a practical gift that most college students don’t think to buy until they need it. This set is such a cute bistro pattern and it comes with 4 different size cups for $34.


10. This hot water kettle is something that I use often! It is perfect for someone who loves to make tea and make coffee or even instant noodles! It has an automatic safety shut off and it is under $50.

I hope this helped y’all find something perfect for the college students on your shopping lists! What else would you want as a college student? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. My little sister is finally off to college this year, thank you for the awesome recommendations!