10 Home Favorites

Hello Everyone!  I hope y’all are having a great week. I am making so many changes to most of the house and I have been getting a ton of questions about all things home, so I thoughts I’d share some current home favorites with y’all. Some of these are new and some are long time favs. A lot of them are kitchen items since it is the closest to being finished…yay!!! Let’s get started!


Wire Basket

1. I get asked about these wire baskets ALL the time so I had to include them in this blog post. I have two on my counter  that I use to keep fruit and veggies in. They are so simple and cute and look great on a counter top!

Ruggable Runner

2. You guys know I love my washable rugs! I added this runner to the kitchen. They are machine washable, which is great for a place like a kitchen or a home with pets and kids. They come in so many colors and size options. Did I mention they are MACHINE WASHABLE!!

Knife Block

3. I got this knife block for the kitchen counter. I wanted one that I would like having on the counter all the time and this one is just so beautiful. The white color adds just a bright and fresh touch to the room and the knives are so sharp. I’ve kept the knifes in a drawer for a while now but when I saw this I knew it was perfect for my new kitchen.

Water Kettle

4. You guys have seen me talk about this water kettle before! It also sits on the kitchen counter, next to the wire baskets. I love how easy it is for making tea or coffee. It’s easy and gets the job done and it matches my appliances.

White Lamps

5. I seriously LOVE these lamps! They come in SO many colors. I got the white and gold ones since I am going for such a bright vibe in the house. They also come in a set of 2 which is so convenient. These lamps have a simple look but can add such a pop to a room.

Embossed Glass Jar Candle

6. Y’all know how much I love candles and this one is no exception. This one smells so so amazing. It is a fairly large candle and it really fills a room, especially for being one wick. I also love how beautiful it is. The jar is embossed glass and it looks great sitting out as decor.

Wood Tray

7. This wood tray was such a great find! It is under $20 but it looks so expensive. I love the gold accent with the handles. It looks so great on a coffee table, counter or even a bed with some books and a candle on it!

Salt + Pepper Grinders

8. Another thing that looks great on a counter top are these salt and pepper grinders! They are also stainless steel so they tie in well with all the other things in our kitchen. The set of these is under $20 making them totally affordable.

Amazon Alexa

9. I found these Alexa’s that have the clock display on the side which I LOVE! I have this one in my bedroom where I can see it so if I can easily find the time. It is just super convenient and you don’t have to unlock your phone in the middle of the night to see what time is it.

Gold Drawer Pulls

10. Last, but not least are these gold drawer pulls! I love how these look against our white cabinets. They come in tons of sizes so you can get whatever size you would need. We have the full pulls and the knobs and I really like the mixture of the two sizes.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today guys! I hope you enjoyed today’s post. What are your favorite home items? Let me know in the comments.


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