Back to School with Walmart


It’s about that time y’all, back to school time. I am sharing another affordable back to school look with Walmart. If you shopping around for school clothes y’all have got to check them out. We went a little crazy with school clothes this year and that’s all thanks to Walmart. I got them so many easy casual clothes that they can wear most of the year. We live in Texas so you know I am not joking…lol. But seriously the online selection is amazing, they have free shipping and it’s all so affordable. We also got all out school supplies from Walmart this year. It’s a one stop shop.


Top | Shorts | Shoes | Backpack(not pictured)


Top | Shorts | Shoes | Backpack(not pictured)

Now for the sad part….sending them off to a new year. Now don’t get me wrong I am ready to get back to my routine and get them back on their routine. It was time guys, trust me….haha. They were getting antsy and bored and I was well let’s just say ready. BUT and I say this with a HUGE BUT, it’s also sad to see them leave and start a new year and and a year closer to leaving the nest. I saw a quote a while back about how we only get 18 Summers with our kids and to be honest I didn’t think about it like that. 18, that’s not that many and then they are gone. So, as much as we are excited to get back to out routines and get the kids back into their school activities ask yourself this….How many Summers do you have left?

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post. All clothing purchased by me and picked by my handsome fellas.


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  1. Well that made me cry … 18 summers … waaaah! Just when you’re thinking ok guys it’s enough! Thank you for always being so real!

  2. Oh Amanda, this made me choke up! It is so true! My sons are now 22 and on Friday my oldest will be 25! We’ll be traveling to Austin to celebrate his milestone! The years flew by! I was blessed to be a SAHM for all these years & they when they went off to college they did all the right things & made us proud! They each had jobs before walking that stage of graduation so no returning home. We literally had “18 summers.” It wasn’t enough for this mama! Young businessmen to world they are, but to us they are our children and forever they’ll be! Enjoy those precious boys of yours & cherish every minute bc the years fly by, my beautiful friend! They fly & they will soar!

    Blessings to you & each of them!

  3. You will enjoy the summers more when they’re home from college but what’s hard it not knowing the “last” summer you’ll get with them. That happened with my daughter. We didn’t know her school year internship would turn into a job with no summers off ( or spring breaks or Christmas break). That was hard . So enjoy all the breaks and time off because you don’t know when it’ll be the last.

  4. Love all of the pictures, and the cute outfits!
    My kids started school on Monday, I feel like this summer flew by 😞 we did make some great memories that will last forever.
    It makes me so sad to think of the day that they will go away to College, Ethan is already in 10th grade and Ella in 6th 😞 not sure how many more summers I have left with them? But, from now on I’m going to make sure we will enjoy them 💕

  5. I also have never thought of it that way ….18 summers sounds so crazy🙉they grow so fast and it gets so harder as they get older 😭
    Matthew & Mason did an amazing job picking out their outfits‼️
    Your family pictures are always too cute. They are so handsome and you are so beautiful 😍