The BEST Denim Jackets

I get asked all the time about my denim jackets….which one is my favorite, which I recommend. So, today I am sharing the best denim jackets that I recommend. I love styling denim jackets year round and have put together my top 5. If you are in the market for a denim jacket, you will find one here. Check them all out below.

The BEST Denim Jackets

So, I have to preface by saying, I LOVE all of these jackets. That is why they made this list. I own 3 of the jackets on this list but have tried on all 5 of them and trust me when I say….if you are looking for a denim jacket, it’s on this list.

1 – This denim jacket is a classic timeless one. The fit is slightly oversized and I love the coper buttons. This is one that will be in your wardrobe year after year. The denim quality for the price makes sense. It’s the perfect weight and exactly what you’d expect from Madewell.

2 – If you are looking for a trendier jacket with tons of distressing, this is it. It’s one of the more affordable options of the group, so keep that in mind. The denim quality isn’t the best but not anything noticeable at all. For me, this one is a must for that oversized trendy vibe and when it comes to denim jacket, you will want that for some looks.

3 – If you are looking for a light weight denim with a touch of stretch, I’ve found it for you. The stretch makes this one a little more comfortable than some more structured denim jackets. At UNDER $30, it’s a great buy.

4 – Another oversized fit for you. This one also happens to be on the longer side. So, for all my taller ladies or if you just want a longer fit this is the one. The denim is slightly distressed on a thicker denim. You can feel the quality in this one.

5 – Last but certainly not least is this worn in relaxed denim jacket. It’s my personal favorite of the bunch but it also comes with the highest price tag. It’s soft, perfectly distressed and comfortable. It also is a little lighter wash than some of the others mentioned here. If you has to pick just one, I’d go with this one.

So, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


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