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I am back on the book train and I went all in again. I go through these periods were I can binge read books back to back and remember how much I love to read. I’ve gotten a ton of questions about what books I’ve read and recommend and what I will be reading next. So, I thought I’d put together a blog post sharing all the details. Just a little background on what type of books I like. The first book I ever read(as an adult) was Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. That is the book that made me fall in love with reading and Nicholas Sparks. I then read ever single book that he ever wrote. Then I stumbled across suspense/thriller and I am hooked. I am a little newer to reading, so if you have any recommendations please let me know what other books or authors I need to try.



Behind Closed Doors

If you love thrillers you have got to read Behind Closed Doors. I couldn’t put this one down. It’s unexpected, unsettling and addictive.

“This one is 2016’s answer to Gone Girl. Nuff said.” ―Women’s Health UK

“B.A. Paris takes the cliché about not knowing what goes on beyond closed doors to nightmarish place…. Each chapter escalates the tensions and stakes faced by Grace in the nightmare that is her new ‘perfect’ marriage to Jack.” ―Huffington Post

“A gripping domestic thriller…the sense of believability and terror that engulfs Behind Closed Doors doesn’t waver.” ―The Associated Press, picked up by The Washington Post

The Couple Next Door

This is my newest finish and OMG y’all it’s so good. I would have read The Couple Next Door in one sitting if my body was able to stay awake. I finished it the next morning though. This one grabbed in from the get go and there were twists and turns throughout.

“[A] suspenseful, heart-wrenching debut. . . After numerous twists and turns, Lapena delivers one final, deftly crafted surprise.” —Publishers Weekly

“Where did that baby go! It’s hard not to read to the end to find out, and the twists waiting there are gratifyingly clever.” —USA Today

“[A] well-sculpted domestic thriller . . . highly suspenseful . . . Twists are subtly revealed with aplomb, taking the story to increasingly unpredictable levels.”  —Associated Press


A Stranger in the House

A Stranger in the House is by the same author as The Couple Next Door. It’s another thought provoking suspense thriller. I’m just starting chapter 11, so I’ve got a ways to go but I already have so many questions. I can’t say which book I prefer since I haven’t finished this 0ne yet but I have high hopes for this one. I can say for certainty that I love Shari Lapena’s work. She’s a great writer.

“Lapena’s A Stranger in the House will have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks.” —Bustle

“Lapena keeps the well-developed twists churning, with each a surprise notch in this ever-evolving plot, and she continues this skillful storytelling until the stunning twist at the end. . . memorable.” –Associated Press

“A diverting page-turner.” –Publishers Weekly


The Break Down

I really fell in love with B.A. Paris’ writing from Behind Closed Doors, so I knew I wanted more books from her. The Break Down is another from her list of must reads. I also had several of you suggest this one to me, so I knew I had to buy it.

“B. A. Paris has done it again! The Breakdown is a page-turning thriller that will leave you questioning the family you love, the friends you trust, and even your own mind.” ―Wendy Walker, author of the USA Today bestselling novel All Is Not Forgotten

“A gripping domestic thriller…the sense of believability and terror that engulfs Behind Closed Doors doesn’t waver.” ―The Associated Press, picked up by The Washington Post

“Paris grabs the reader from the beginning with a powerful and electrifying tale. Behind Closed Doors, a novel sure to make one’s skin crawl, also reveals no one truly knows what does go on behind closed doors.”―New York Journal of Books

Bring Me Back

Another B.A Paris book, Bring Me Back that I had to get from your recommendations and knowing how much I love the author. If the reviews of this book are what I have to look forward to, this is going to be a fun one.

“B.A. Paris is back with another twisted psychological thriller.” ―The Daily Beast

“A twisty and seductive new psychological thriller you won’t want to miss.” ―Bustle

“Paris once again proves her suspense chops with this can’t-put-down psychological thriller.” ―Library Journal (starred)

Unraveling Oliver

Unraveling Oliver was a recommendation from the librarian. I’m not at all familar with the author and honestly have no idea what to expect. I was told if I love Shari Lapena I will love this one. I love finding new authors, so I had to give it a try. If you’ve read this one please let me know how you liked it in the comments.

“Top-notch grip lit…incredibly brilliant.” —Marian Keyes, New York Timesbestselling author

“Pitch-black and superbly written.” —Ruth Ware, New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in Cabin 10

“Searing, searching, finally scorching. Think Making a Murderer via Patricia Highsmith: an elegant kaleidoscope novel that refines and combines multiple perspectives until its subject is brought into indelible, tragic focus.” —A. J. Finn, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

 ETA: Lots of requests to share my Prada Marfa Sign. It’s linked here. Mine is size 30″ x 40″ with the black and gold frame.

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  1. I love to read ! I read The Silent Patient last week.. OMG get it!
    I’m now reading The woman in the window. I for sure will get one of these suggestions too